Niagara Fall!

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After he was gone i sat on the bench trying to consume all what had happened in the last few hours.

I tried my best not to whimper but all my attempts were useless and my tears were flowing on my cheeks like the streams of Niagara fall.

~With a hope in my eyes for life,
that my Niagara which was flowing from my eyes, may took me to a shore, i slept on that bench with a little beam of hope, to vanish the darkness of my life till the shore!
- Jannat Khan!

Typing these lines on the screen of my cell phone, i found my eyes shut announcing no more fight with the unbearable flow of my Niagara fall.

Arsh's Pov: Never thought of this day.. When Jannat had told me that she isn't with me. She don't need me by her side, simply rejected me today. They did this bad with her still she wanna live with those_selfish_people! I would have run away from all this if i would be on her place but.. She is something unique.. and this is why i need her, anger is on my nerves but my love for her is much deeper in my veins.


"Pleas...don't..leave me.. Ple.. Arsh!!"
I unshut my eyes when my ears sensed these words from my own mouth, opening one of my eye i saw a cloth on me, which was no doubt his jacket that he was wearing last night! All my senses were back to the reality, i was on the same bench alone, where i was sitting last night, flashback came in front of my eyes making my eyes watery; i sat there for few minutes with both my palms on my face.

'Why was he here? When he had left me in between without giving me any reason!'

I gasped hearing Abbu's call for me while he was standing behind me i wiped my tears instantly so that he wouldn't feel guilty for my misery. Trying to paste a smile, i strode towards Abbu while assured him that am alright, he embraced me in a side hug and drag me inside the house.

"Morning Abbu! How are you feeling now?"
I asked Abbu while hugging.

"Much better my doll!"
He replied me with a dull smile, while placing his right palm on my head lovingly.

I wasn't angry at anybody b'cz its not their fault, rather i was angry on my fate!

Abbu told me to eat some breakfast but i denied, seeing him sitting there just like that i realise that due to my behaviour he'll skip his breakfast.. Consequently i decided to consume few bites of sandwich and after making sure that Abbu took his medicines correctly, i went to my room. Sighing loudly i made my frame to fall on my bed freely. Staring the ceiling i found myself lost in train of thoughts. Full of confusion, disdain for my grandparents and that Moron!

Thinking about all this again and again i stood up and went to washroom to wash my tears stained face, rage and anger still on my nerves.. I washed my face and saw paleness floating in my each cell which seemed a face of dead soul.. I never wanted to see this misery in my life but life is unexpected, it place those situations in front of you those you don't want to face. I felt suffocated and the turmoil volcano of anger was boiling inside me even my uncontrollable lava of rage could erupt anytime now, then i felt my hand smashing the mirror hung in front of me falling down with its broken pieces. I was back to my senses when a sour feeling went to my nervous system telling me, that my hand was injured. I felt dizziness when my eyes saw blood oozing out of my hand at a higher rate than the flow of a river.

Cursing under my nerve while sobbing due to bitter pain i tried to first aid my injured hand by myself with the help of my other hand. At that moment nobody was aware about my injury as all windows and doors were locked when i broke that mirror. I was much aware that if my parents found about this they would feel more guilty for this so i preferred to stay quite about my injury. After cleaning my wound i made it dressed properly making sure that no more blood ooze out of it, i took a pain killers along with sleeping pills, after that i lay down on my bed under the sheet so that nobody spot my injury.

Lying there like a dead soal after few minutes the pill started demonstrating its effect on my body and consequently i felt drowsy then the sleep engulfed me in its tornado.


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Knowing Our Readers:

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2. Deny to him and tell him to go away!

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