Black holes on earth!

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I snapped my head up to face the owner of those devil feet and my eyes they met with deep living black hole on earth that very moment and still that guy blocking my way... I stood there stunned.

Seriously those eyes were kinda black holes that swallow light! I was so.... captivated in those beautiful eyes that i did lost my senses but suddenly he said something that instantly dragged me out back from those mesmerising, sensual eyes saving me from becoming a prisoner in them.

" Not so fast! "
He blurted out in a voice full of attitude.

" What? "
I was so captivated in his eyes that somehow not able to understand what he just said.

"Now Now Now gorgeous, where do you think you are going?"
He said quickly with a naughty smirk on his face.

"Oh hellow whoever you are, get out of my way right now."
I was shocked by his words I mean, who is he to talk to me like that, like really who does he think he is!

"Now gorgeous is this a way to talk to your senior? You must learn to respect us. Before you go to your class have to perform our ritual."
He explained me the reason for blocking my way then waved his hand gasturing towards his group and everyone strode towards us.

"Ritual! What Ritual?? I am not gonna do any of your rituals. Good bye Mr. Senior!"
I strode while making my way through the crowd of his friends when everyone started making a formation by joining their hands and I was trapped in between, first i didn't realise what they were doing but then it was all clear when their circle was completed. Huh!!

Oh god what the hell he want me to do.....
I turned my head towards him and was angry for all that he was doing.

For some minutes i was stairing straight in his eyes to some how get any hint about what he is up to and what silly thing he want me to do? (as you know they say eyes are the mirror of the soul) But nothing i get from his black hole eyes damn! What more i can expect from those black holes that ate up the light. Here light is my hope what his orbs ate up.

They all guide me to a village like place near to the college building; it was strange to find that kind of place in urban area and it look like that place was construction people's living area.
I saw some more juniors were standing there when it stuck in my mind that the place was a ragging spot of our seniors.
Suddenly my nose caught a foul smell of.........
You can't imagine what was that.

Cow dung!!!!
(It is used in rural india as a fuel)

Everyone was covering their nose along with me, for me that smell was like inhaling a poison in your delicate lungs. I felt like hairs of my nostrils could burn b'cz of that smell like it happens in the cartoons.

Arsh that guy called me in the centre where the dung was placed by a poor boy who looked around nine years and his name was chotu!

The whole crowd was stairing at me like owls and mine were switching from his face to dung and then again back to his face.
You know this was the starting of the drama. After that he told me to take some dung and make dung cakes then i have to throw them on the back wall of our college.
Yes he said that! Is this guy out of his mind? And this whole thing i have to do with my hands, my soft hands. I've never did anything like that in my whole life.

In no ways i am going to do that foolish thing even in my dreams, i was brain storming to find any idea that help me escape from that situation but nothing popped in my mind but i can't just do that. No way!

Now what i had in my crazy mind was utter stupidity but i have to this. So i decided to do it, with a strong heart i touched that dung and when my fingers get in contact to that sticky dung suddenly i found my head was getting heavy and my stomach throw out everything what i ate in breakfast and his bad luck, vomit was on him!!


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