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My feelings were out of my hold after what happened to me. It was heavenly feeling; I said Yes! & took the red rose from his hand. May be universe was setting up all that and i don't know why I said that, though i don't wanted to do that but as i said my feelings were uncontrolable b'cz of the shower of his love. He stood up & embraced me in his warm chest; it felt so devine & his pleasing hold melted me inside.

Our relationship became more stronger with time. We enjoyed each others company every single moment of the day. We developed a habit of being each others side.


Then the last day at the university came; today was the last exam of my under graduation; that means the time to depart back to my home City Lucknow! One half of me was happy that am going back to my home & the other half was tearing by that sorrowful moment of getting apart from each other.

My flight was at 3:30 pm so I reached at the Airport at 2 ; there was little time for all of us to enjoy each others company.
Now its time to bid good byes to everyone there; we all did a group hug & aparted after few minutes; then i hugged Arsh like he was my whole world. My eyes were a little wet; some tears fell on his shirt, i tried to wipe them off but he hold my hand touched my cherry hot cheeks and started wiping those tears while caressed my cheeks with his thumb when i whispered a last good bye to him.
Simran was also going back to Chandigarh her home city; her flight was at 4:00 pm.

" Good bye jaan & listen don't become a 'moon of Eid' after going there!"
Oh god her silly blend of hindi & english, she have a habbit of translating hindi proverbs in english; her madness always made me laugh madly.

" Haha okz I'll remember that my Sikhni "
(Sikhni- we call a Sikh girl as Sikhni in India)
I replied her grinning cheekily but my heart was getting heavy inside.
I turned to went away, every step made my heart ache; then i never look back b'cz i don't have the courage to see their sad faces; especially his alluring sad face.


Present Day:-

Arsh's POV:
" She have to tell them everything, its for both of us;
Inhaling a gust of air he breathed hard like he was suffocating there, after that he continued...
whatever am doing is only for her b'cz i love her "
I was talking to my own image in the mirror placed in front of me; there are some things i don't want her to know before the right time came. I was shocked when that day i saw that one thing in her bag!


Jannat's POV:
I was laying on my comfy bed under the sheets when Ammi called me for dinner; I got out for dinner & it was so delicious that i can't even share the imagination of those Chicken Kebabs! were out of this world, afterall its Ammi's magic; she made the whole dinner specially for me.

When dinner was over Ammi told me that Khan Uncle & Saba Aunty will be coming tomorrow for lunch so i have to be a nice & good girl before them.

I have no idea why Ammi was worried about my looks for tomorrow; Uncle & Aunty visit us every month then what so special in tomorrow? Uncle and my father both are partners in our business. I cut my thoughts in between & decided to talk with Sim, so i told Ammi & Abbu that am going to my room for taking some more rest.

I called her & she took the call after second ring~
" Heyyy jaannn how are you & how about Uncle~Aunty? "
She asked me happily but something was wrong with her voice.

" Hey Sim, am good & my parents are also fine! Tell me how are you? Am missing you soooo much! "
I told her with a smirk on my fine face.

" Oh really! So that means you are missing my silly talks"
She spoked laughing harder.

" Um.. Yeah! You may put it like that..."
I agreed, i was missing her every silly talk, her jokes, her devilish laugh. She laughed half heartedly in reply.

Is everything okay?? "
I asked her seriously so that she could share with me her problem.

" Um.. What? Yeah everything is alright, why are you asking that?"
She said hiding everything from me.

" Oh please Sim, spit out! You are hiding something from me, tell me... na"
I assured her to tell me her problem.

" Jaan.. they want me to get married at the end of this year, i don't wanna marry so early & they said that i could continue my studies after marriage."
She said sadly, i could feel her pain.

" Oooh yeah its so early, why don't you tell the boy that you are not ready for it, may be he could understand you."
I assured her by giving this idea of mine, so that she could get out of that situation.

" You know... I love him! I knew him since my childhood & i wanna marry him but the problem is that its an arrange marriage. And for me its like - 'Gone buffalo in the water' I want to tell him before the marriage that i love him."

" Okay.... So thats the problem! But how buffalo came in between? You have some months left so go & tell him everything."

" Leave that buffalo & Arrange marriage is like- 'how monkey would know the taste of ginger'! okay I'll try out your suggestion, but its not that easy because of the family."

"Hmm.. I understand! All the best Sim, Talk to you later okay, bye!!"
There comes one more. Her talks include so many animals, silly girl!

"Thanks jaan, bye!"
Then i hung the phone, that was strange thing that she wanted to marry so early.
Then i went to a sound sleep while losting in my chain of thoughts.


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