A Secret Love

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------------- (West's POV) -------------

"Unbelievable! This is bullshit!"

I just don't care if my laptop hits the floor right now. I just can't put a price on my anger right now. Bullshit!

This is a very important time for the company, for my credibility! How dare- that woman!! She's really unbelievable!

I will never forgive her. I will bring her down! I'll get back at her!


I can't contain myself. Damn that woman!! Damn her!

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------


"Huh? Voicemail? Oh, well. Better leave a message." I whispered to myself.

"Good afternoon Miss Sophie. I'm Faye, the one from the club? Well, I'm kind of in a pinch right now so… I was wondering if you can offer me a job? Kind of a favor as you said. That's it for now, I hope I can talk to you soon."

I ended the call hesitantly. I was really looking forward to talking to her. I already made up a conversation inside my head.

Hope she can help me out. I know I wasn't much of a help that night on the bar, but hopefully, she's my guardian angel.

I've been through a lot this week. I don't even know where to trace the start of my misfortunes. It's just that after every good thing, something bad immediately comes afterward.

I can't sit still. I'm not used to not doing anything. It actually sucks to get a rest day.

That's it! I can't just sit here daydreaming of what ifs and what is. I will apply properly!

------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

I can't believe that all of that happened in the meeting room. I can't even imagine that.

But that look of anger, disappointment and rejection on West's face - it's like a guilty pleasure for me.

The missing file presentation, West's handwritten revisions on the hand outs, and the dramatic resignation that had us on a standstill - that secretary of his really made a great exit.

She must have been planning this for a long time. She's a loss for our company, but I still commend her courage to do that to her boss.

I'm pretty sure that West is making a mess on his office right now. He's an unprepared and bad boss to everyone in that meeting room right now. I better get a breather before facing the gossips on my department.

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

I'm finally here. VM Construction Company. Their building looks really nice. It would be good for me to work on a company that lets its products speak for themselves.

I hope that there's an opening today. With how the things went downhill for me, I can take on any job.

I hope the heavens are listening right now. I've been praying for a better life for so long already. So long.

The information counter was having a line, they look like applicants like me.

"When I heard that the secretary quit, I immediately ran here!" One of the applicants told her friend.

This other girl kept on adjusting her already skimpy fitted dress.

If this is what a job opening looks like on VM Company, the more I want to work here. These girls look and sound like this job is a job on top of all jobs.

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