An Unwanted Marriage

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——————- (Flashback) ——————-

In the formal decorated altar of the church, they stood. Their eyes were on the priest, a bit heavy albeit the open sides of the nature themed church that welcomes the cool late morning breeze.

It carried her lightweight veil smoothly as the priest cleared his throat once again, too many to count since the beginning of the ceremony. It seems that he could feel the tension and the unwillingness of two young people in front of him.

The other was blushing artificially and her hands almost soaking the white silky gloves she was wearing. On her right was a young man whose face looks like he was choking on his overly tailored black suit.

If it wasn't for the bright white, almost glowing bride beside him, he could fit a funeral scenery.

Everything was unnatural for the bride and groom but when the priest asked for their vows, it was the only time a smile escaped from their lips together with a deep kept sigh.

The groom went first as the priest handed the microphone to him.

"You were my friend. You accompanied me when everyone else left. I've been doing great things but you, Sophie Mariano, was the strength behind it. I always thought how can I make you happy. How can I preserve the smile that keeps me going? Now, I know."

His eyes wandered from her happy eyes down to her sweet smiling lips. Her cheeks were blushing, just like whenever he teases her when they were younger.

"I will be your strength, I promise."

He kissed her hand after he placed the ring. His smile was sweet. And the way he held her hand says, we'll get through this together.

"I could vaguely remember the lonely winter, where I never thought would be followed by a fresh new start for spring, a budding romantic summer and now, as the leaves fall down, I know I won't have to face the winter by myself anymore, because I have you, West Villanueva. I'm glad that you were the one at the end of my rope."

She looked up to him, her eyes glistening with joy. She felt like she could do anything. She finally said her vow, her eternal promise to the love of her life.

"I'll hold on forever, I promise."

She then placed the ring on his finger and they kissed each other sweetly, receiving a round of applause from the people they barely knew, batting eyelashes from the visitors of their age and smiles hiding behind the poker faces of their families and distant relatives.

——————- (Present) ——————-

The clacking of her heels against the marbled floor echoed inside the living room hall. She just got up from her seat, trying to avoid another loop of argument that they often have the past months. Whether if it started because of their parents' commands or when one of them doesn't show up on an important meeting, it always comes down to one point: one of them feels like it's time to end all of it even if they knew it was pointless.

——————- (Sophie's POV) ——————-

"Whatever has tied us up, I want to cut it." he said as he crossed his legs while sitting on the sofa.

"Would it change anything?"I said with a naughty smirk. My finger trailed from the far end side of the sofa as I walked behind him, until it reached his shoulder.

"No, but it can free me." his head leaned a bit towards my direction.

"Heh. You think I will let that happen?" I could feel my eyes giving up on this strong act that I'm showing. But when I recall all the hurt and grief, my tears turn into regret and fuels my eagerness to turn everything around.

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