An Antidote for the Heart

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------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

"Nice to meet you again-" I looked at her resume quickly so I'll remember properly. "Faye!"

I can see her smile of relief from where I stood. The HR Officer is dumbfounded on the side.

"She's actually looking for you, Miss Sophie." He tried to explain.

I gave her a warm smile, truly a real one. "Isn't this nice?"

I don't know how she fits the situation perfectly right now, but I'm just glad she's here.

"If he calls again, tell him his secretary is being shown around the office."

I invited Faye to my office to have a little chat.

"Kindly bring some refreshments, Sarah," I said before sliding my office doors close. Faye was sitting anxiously in the guest chair.

I feel bad already for including her in this mess. But I know that sooner or later, my plans will materialize itself.

West is in a mess right now. Judging on how he tried to do it with me in his office shows that he'll be on a lookout for one-night stands. I'll be damned if he actually turns it to a regular fuck buddy.

This new chapter in our life has already begun. I'll try to be passive about this. But if West ever spark the light, I'll make sure I'm present when it explodes.

"Miss Sophie, I'm really happy to meet you right now."

"I know!" And I couldn't help myself from holding her hands. "You came at the right time."

"But I wasn't aware of the Executive Secretary post. I just went here hoping to meet you."

"Don't worry, someone will walk you through everything. But I just have one thing to ask from you."

------------- (Jonathan's POV) -------------

I don't understand. The last time I saw her, she's not wearing an official uniform, unlike today. She doesn't even look like a Fortune 500 employee.

Something good must have happened to her. She's always stressed, worn out, and spaced out whenever I'll see her.

And I'm getting happier with our every meet. Each and every time I see her, my heart calms down.

At the back of my head, I'm thinking that maybe I could head-hunt her. I just lost my secretary.

There is a need for help in the office right now. But I'm leaning more into the fact that I could see her every day.

And maybe, just maybe, she can help me convince the board that we need to revamp the taste of our drinks.

Guess I'll just have to wait until our next meeting.

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

"You've got to be kidding me!"

I was on the edge of my seat, biting my lip so I can shut my mouth and keep myself from voicing out those thoughts. 

But what Ms. Sophie said was just crazy. Never in my wildest dreams that I could imagine her saying that. Not even in my nightmares.

But this task feels like a nightmare for myself already. 

"I know it's not an easy task, Faye. But if you do it, I will make sure that you are compensated well. You don't have to work on that filthy club."

"I.. I know that.. Miss Sophie. It's just that it's really hard to move out of the house. My family is very- they're quite reliant on me. "

I don't want to leave them. What if my Dad injures his back when gardening? If I won't be around, Mom will go back to juggling jobs. What if Yessa gets a stupid boyfriend because I'm not there to guide her?!

"The compensation will cover them too, Faye. Believe me. I'll put your sister into my scholarship program. I'll even give your parents a small business. I just need you to stay somewhere else."

Calm down, Faye. Calm down.  You can find a way around this. But the offer is the answer to my dreams!

Does this thing really happen at this day and age? This nightmare is turning into a good dream.

Miss Sophie held my hands again, this time it was tighter. I can even feel her ring burying into my knuckles.

"You're the only one I can trust right now. And I want to make your work here easier."

"I understand, Miss Sophie. I'll be honest with you - I need this job. And with your offer, I cannot thank you enough. The compensation is what I'm dreaming of giving to my family."

I can't believe that I'm moving out of the house. Other people may say that I'm too dramatic. That a single woman like me would benefit from all of this.

But I'm more of a family lady. I cannot put into words on how important my family is to me.

So I accepted her offer. And we discussed a lot of things. From where will I live, how will I present myself, seminars that I have to go through and finally, a new history to familiarize myself with.

------------- (West's POV) -------------

Maybe it was too much. Hell yeah, it was. I'm not the one to feel bad about things, but now I do.

I wasn't able to meet my new secretary today. I don't really know if they were able to find one. They'll be damned if they don't.

As much as I want to think about all the stuff I will do tomorrow, Sophie's words resonate at the back of my head.

And now I hear her heels clicking. It's coming in closer.. and closer to our bedroom. I kinda feel relief that we had that challenge for quite a while now.

"You're still up?" her sweet voice materialized in an instant. Her top button was already loose. And her glasses were already on the table.

I don't understand why, but she looks sexier tonight. Maybe it's the whiskey kicking in. Maybe my body is longing for what was interrupted this afternoon.

My heart feels like it's skipping a beat. I'm starting to breathe heavily as my boxers feel like they're going to burst open.

Sophie's not doing anything but she's already naked in my eyes.

I know those curves. I know those bones and I have traced them with my lips before.

The sound of the shower - it's giving me the urge to join in.

Her lilac nightgown - her skin radiates from the soft contrast every single time.

The moonlight - it shines perfectly on her exposed shoulders, cleavage, arms, and long legs.

As she lay on the space beside me, I can see her collarbones asking for a kiss. Her eyes were squinting at my lustful expression. She can see how much I want her to lay in my arms right now. My hands won't stop shaking unless I touch her.

Everything's perfect tonight. She's perfect.

And finally, my racing heart started to calm down.



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