A Little Bit of Mischief

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------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

"You guys better find me one as soon as possible!" West shouted over the phone as he paced around his table.

"No, scratch that! Call someone who can work right now! Then that's it!" Even I flinched on how hard he slammed the phone.

I placed his drink on his table as he sat on its other end. If that girl keep up with his demand, she'll be in for a treat.

At the back of my mind, I'm rooting for her. I want someone that can be my eyes.

Even with the rough road we've been the past years, I'd rather carry the burden than carry humiliation from the little population of the world we're trapped in. I'd rather fix this than suffer what's waiting for us should we decide to let go.

Thinking about it actually warmed up my cheeks. I couldn't help but give up a smirk.

"You!" He slammed his hands on the table beside my hips. I almost choked with my iced latte. "Do you know this?!"

His eyes were burning as he gripped my arms, pulling my sleeves down.

I did my best to keep my grip on my drink. The last thing I need right now is another mess. His office was already a wreck.

He kept his grip as I muttered the words, "Your shame is my shame, West. I won't do something like that."

This marriage bounded, not only our families, but our outlook, our future, and our bodies. Whether we want it or not, there's no easy way in aligning every decision we take.

"We are equally responsible with our actions. "

"Even this?" He asked as his eyes travelled down to my exposed cleavage. My sleeves went down so bad that it slipped from my left shoulder. "You're confusing me right now."

I blushed because of this accidental inappropriateness. My head went a bit dizzy.

"This is your fault." I told him as I started to fixed my blouse but he stopped me midway.

He took my drink away and pulled my other free hand over the back of his neck. As soon as he put my drink beside his as he lifted me up ever so slightly until I was standing.

He buried his face on my bare shoulders. I could feel him give up a deep sigh.

There's too much that happened today. Even if were not in the same rhythm with our feelings, we only got each other in the end. We're the only ones who will help each other out when all else fails.

He's in a very tight spot. Failure is nowhere in his options.

His two brothers are his toughest competition. His family lives and breathes business. It was even the reason he eventually gave in to the fixed marriage. He knew that my family business will give him the edge against his own family.

Whenever he'll be last or second best, he will lean on me. Our friendship deepened because of that.

And now like a good wife, I exist to support him still. It's funny how its like a love and hate relationship. Were like kids but right now, his warmth reassures me that this is no child's play.

I caressed the back of his head and held him closer. My other hand went around him. His muscles were tense and he kept on sighing.

After a while, he straightened up and held my arms again. Its more gentle this time. He slowly led me to the sofa in the receiving area of his office.

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