An Unsettled Score

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------------- (West's POV) -------------

I slammed my fists at my table out of despair. Why? Why does it have to be a secret? I have the right to know things such as this!

"Thompson, I don't have time for games!" I blasted at him.

"Chill out, man. I told you, I'm not sure about her schedule."

"I know you. Don't tell me bullsh*t! You even knew Mariah's exact hotel room when she came here for a concert!"

Thompson is just laughing at me. I hate being on this side of a proposal. I hate looking and sounding so desperate. In what I have learned as an heir to the Villa Group of Companies, always get the upper hand. And clearly in this situation, I'm the one being played around.

He was still laughing at me before he offered a deal. "You know how I don't give away intangible things that easily, West."

I gave him a sneer, "I know it too well, that's why I already told you, I can give you the penthouse suite for a month."

"That's actually not what I really wanted but it's an offer I can't resist." He's all smiles at me. It's as if he was trying to get into my nerves even more. "I'll give you her sched. But in return, you'll let me date Sophie."

I felt chills from the back of my neck down to my arms. I suddenly felt some kind of bloodlust over him. This obnoxious little fucker thinks that he can go around in circles and play dumb. I'm no weakling compared to his childish antics.

"Sophie?" I managed to crack a laugh, trying to hide the anger. "You sure about that? There's a reason why we don't often go out on dates."

"Isn't the reason of that is you? You always expect the end of the date to be on the bed. Too bad. Your wife is like a goddess. How I wish I got her before your company did. I bet you're always turned on by her char--!"

I almost pushed him off the glass windows of his office. But I was able to hold myself back. My knuckle was on his glass window, an inch away from his head.

"Whoa! I'm just playing around, West. Don't tell me you're too affected by that!"

I couldn't talk back. I'm the one who doesn't retreat from challenges, but right now, it's like I'm tongue-tied and just a hard-headed shell.

"I'm not fooling around anymore. You give me Marrah's schedule, or you set me up with a meeting with her."

Thompson raised his hands up in surrender. "All right! All right! You'll get the schedule by the end of the day."

"Make it 4 in the afternoon. I need to prepare."

"You think your meeting will end up on a date?" he playfully asked. It's like he just never learns.

"I think I gave your glass window a crack, Thompson. Do you want one for your jaw?"

------------- (Jonathan's POV) -------------

Angela came in with some files that I specifically asked her to retrieve from the company archives.

"I saw your car in the parking lot this morning." she said while we were sorting out the papers on my coffee table.

"M'm. Yeah?" I answered back without any interest. My eyes were fixated on the papers.

"At 4 in the morning? And you came here in your office past 9. Where were you?"

"I left my car last night." I replied with a sigh.

"What for?"

"You are the VP of this company, Angela. And right now, though you're acting like my secretary, I still don't find any reason why I should explain myself to you." I told her with a smile. She just gets carried away most of the time.

"You are the president of this company, Jonathan. And right now, though I'm acting like your secretary, as the VP I think it's of the best business intentions to know why the President left his car. I could have mistakenly assumed that you were kidnapped, you know that?"

Her mocking was awful. She still needs to work a lot on her firm voice. It sounded so classless. But it made me laugh so I'll pass up on a lecture this time.

"I went out for personal marketing."

"Again? But in the middle of the night? You could have been kidnapped, you know that?"

"Could you just stop!?" I made it sound so pissed she had to say sorry and leave. Good work, Jonathan! Getting better in disguises!

These files from the archives were well-kept I must say. It kept me wondering why they closed down.

"The sales were okay." I mumbled as I scanned the pages. "Consistent for its last 5 years. Competition is stiff? But they're always in the lead."

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

The sun is bright, and so is my smile today! No, I did not win the lottery (but you bet I would love that!) I just feel like this day is going to go great!

My messenger duties always keep me busy during the day. Despite all the walking that could have let me visit the edge of the country, I still find joy in doing it. This is for my family. Dad is so old already and I just want him to relax or open his dream noodle cart. Yessa can continue studying until she gets a degree.

These are all my dear dreams.

But why do I have to get wrecked from wanting my family to be better? ASL courier trucks, motors and boxes are piled on our office entrance. The other girl messenger that is on my same department is crying on the corner.

A heavy beat wearied my heart. This can't be happening! I'm a month away to being a regular!

The department head approached me as I was not able to move along after seeing the heartbreaking revelation outside the office.

"I'm sorry, Faye. But don't worry, we will send your Employment Certificate by tomorrow."

All the blisters, wounds, broken heels, mismatched arm colors and break time that I had to skip just to deliver messages, now gone to waste.

But I still have my work at the bar and tonight, I'll be giving more than 100% percent!



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