A Commoner's Dilemma

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------------- (Jonathan's POV) -------------

I have never seen a boss and employee relationship like that one. But she's so cute with all those trivial mistakes on her first day.

I hope she'll strive in that company. She'll definitely earn merits and it will look good on her resume.

I might just dip my fingers into headhunting if she is that good.

And you know what's also good? These classified information from the archives.

------------- (West's POV) -------------

I almost gave up a smirk when she froze in her seat. Maybe she thought I won't  visit her here.

This facade of her is getting in my nerves. Why can't she be just my little lamb forever. My life's balance and routine was shaken up. She's better when she's a little afraid of me.

"So why did you call me, Sophie." I had to address the elephant in the room. For some reason I feel like I just threw a coin in the air and she had to scramble to get it. I want to hear the first thing that pops into her mind immediately.

"What are you talking about. You are the one who called me."

That's not the answer I want and I'm going to squeeze it out of you.

"Let's not play around, alright? You knew I was in a meeting."

"Then let's not pull this lie around also. I'm the VP of Marketing and I know who were you meeting with."

Her front this time was amazing. Maybe she knew I was going to confront her?

"I didn't say that you were unaware. I just wanted to know why you needed to check up on me."

Come on Sophie. Spill it. Ever since that encounter and challenge about me getting a mistress, I always feel like you're actually looking down on me. And I feel like I'm going crazy because of it.

"West. Did my call really interrupted something important? Was getting that model as a mistress that hard to you?"

I didn't know what got into me. She got all the right switches to made me burst out in front of her.

Her call interrupted something important? Here I am getting all light-hearted because the thought of her actually made rejecting Marrah easier. I rejected Marrah for this kind of humiliation?! Humiliation from her?

And why was getting a mistress hard for someone like me? My wife is going nuts. Women basically throw themselves at me. And it didn't change even after I got married.

The next thing I knew, my hands were on her wrist and she was trying her best to hurt my arm.

I wasn't feeling anything but heat inside my chest. I am mad as hell at her but I can't bring myself to hurt her more than this. It's hurting me that I'm grabbing her like this.

I don't really know how we got into this. We had a good past. We were friends. Bestfriends, almost. I may have seen the fixed marriage happening but I did not see it would go this bad.

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

I heard gossips from my table. It seems that no matter where you are, may it be a small and greasy diner or a monopolizing company, the people are just the same.

They talk behind your back. They watch your every step because they wait for you to slip up. You are being judged.

But I knew these gossips would come around. I just did not expect it to happen on my first day at work. They really do have a rocky marriage.

But the whispers and small talks went to a halt when the elevator stopped on our floor. Everyone was suddenly busy and working diligently.

I was the same but minus the sudden change because I've been working on my own since my boss left for his meeting with the Sales department.

"Mr. Han called and wanted to talk about the increase in the Logistics' budget for this month. He said to give him a call as soon as possible."

I'm glad there was only one phone call when he went away. He seems to be deep in his thoughts and the room was so heavy.

"What was your name again?"

"Faye, sir. Faye Lazaro."

"Alright, Faye. You can go home early now but I need you here by 5 tomorrow, understood?"

"Ah. Yes sir. I'll be here by 5. Please excuse me."

This is a rather light day for me. I can only have this when there's no odd job for the day. Who knew there will come a time that I actually went home early after working? And without a cut on my salary at that.

The last time I went home this early was after my very first job interview. After that, it was always all-nighters and overtime.

Eyes turned towards me when they saw me walk away with my bag. I can hear the giggles. Someone even said 'Wow, she only lasted for a day? That's a record.'

Why would they even think of that? But who cares about them right now. They'll eat their words by tomorrow.

Maybe I can visit Miss Sophie with this extra time that I have. But they fought a while back. A commoner like me will never understand why rich people marry then fight. And people in the company might suspect something fishy.

Are they all like that? Rich couples? It's getting boring if you ask me.

I should just head home and review this guide book from the HR department. I'm excited where will I read this.

The apartment was so pretty. I'm sure Miss Sophie was the one who designed it. I researched about her for a bit yesterday. She's the Marketing VP of VM now but she has a good interior design portfolio.

She was just appointed as Marketing VP after the company merge of Villanueva Constructions and Mariano Designs, which was also a year after their marriage.

I remember now. I heard my college classmates talking about how dreamy the wedding was. We only saw it in a wedding magazine. They were young, maybe just a year or two above us but they are already so different.

People like us can only dream of such wedding.

But I got this nice apartment to myself. I just wish I can share it with my family. But I understand that Miss Sophie wants me to concentrate on this. And Dad said they won't leave Kim's family behind just like what they did to us. Dad wanted to return the favor. He even emphasized that he will be lost in high-tech places such as this residence.

And living alone now means that I have to take care of myself and this temporary home. It's so beautiful and the city view is too amazing for my standards. But the kitchen is pretty empty. I even tried to eat a fruit display. I'm still laughing at myself about it!

Thank you for this extra time Mr. West. I will now start with groceries.



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