A Touch of Reality

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------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

"Flowers, check! Abyss Parfum, check! Call to the Manager, check!"

I'm supposed to be filling myself up but I'm running around like a mad man instead.

I should have known. No, I should have expected this. He is a big man in the company.

I should have expected that a secretary work is much different from being a messenger or a waitress at a bar.

The good and bad thing about what's happening right now is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more rush orders and mad running around the city.

I should renew my driving license.

------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

I hope they're getting along well right now. I hope I really gave her a blessing and not a curse.

West is scheduled to have a meeting with Marrah right now. I saw it in his phone schedule. But he did not come here at the office to bring his materials.

I'm pretty sure, Faye already brought it to him.

"If you're that worried about the meeting, why don't you go there to support him?" Nikki said as she placed folders on top of my desk for signing.

I took my pen from the holder and started scanning and signing the documents. "I don't have to do that. Besides, I have a lot of things to do here at the office."

"But marketing is in your name, Sophie. You're the VP. Do you trust him that much again?"

"Nikki." I tried to be stern in calling her out. I'm almost done with the signing.

"I'm just saying, Sophie. You know he thinks he can always fool around. If you won't take our advice of doing the same thing, then you better do something to stop him."

I'm just glad that I signed the last document already. It's always so hard to hear these talks about West cheating or me doing the same thing as revenge.

One more mistake will never correct another mistake.

I already have Faye as his assistant. She will tell me everything and every woman that West will be with.

And speaking of the angel, here's her text.

"We're here at Red Wing, Miss Sophie. I think they are discussing some terms right now. Miss Marrah asked me to give them some space."

I'm not the one to be jealous, but it feels different getting actual news of what is happening to West. Before, I just brush off any bad thoughts that I had.

This should be a good thing, right?

"They asked me to stay here at the lobby. They're going up the elevator now."

And this is a bad thing.

------------- (Jonathan's POV) -------------

I don't get why some people like to meet in hotel restaurants instead of an actual office? There's not even any dish worthy in this place.

But my sentiments are invalid if they live in the vicinity.

I would usually just get through the informal meeting quickly. And this is one of those days. If it wasn't for the repeated questions this client of mine are making, I would have done a lot already!

As soon as the deal was made, I swiftly sat on an empty lounge chair to strike up a conversation.

"Do you live here?"

"Are you still following me?"

A friendly and familiar chuckle, at last! I'm glad I made a good impression at the food street.

I smiled at her while shaking my head.  "I just had a meeting here."

"I see. I don't live here. I'm here for work."

"Oh, you're working. The business look fits you."

"Do I have something in my face?"

Turns out I only gave the compliment inside my mind. I was there looking stupid while staring at her.

"Ah! Nothing! None at all!"

She nodded her head, probably saying okay awkwardly inside her head.

I can't believe my tongue is twisted right now. I want to talk to her and ask her things!

"You're waiting for someone?"  I quickly hit up a question when I saw her looking towards the elevator area. I have to regain my footing here.

She nodded again, but this time with a better enthusiasm. "Yes! I'm waiting for my boss and I don't really want to miss out on any errand he'll give."

This girl. She was so much different compared to the first time I saw her at QuikMart. She's livelier and has an aura of accomplishment around her.

It feels familiar (her aura). There's this small ounce of excitement that I already felt before. I felt it everytime I'll blend with the target market.

She was so into her job that a sidestep was all it took to leave her line of sight.

------------- (West's POV) -------------

So when was the last time I saw shapely breasts dangling in front of me?

Sophie wouldn't go on top because it was always me who initiates. It was always me who needs her body.

Am I just recalling right now the feeling of getting dominated?

Sophie is so gentle, she wouldn't even press my arms if my movement's too much to bear. Or maybe I just couldn't feel it when rage and lust goes boiling up my head.

I don't even know right now if I'm being a gentleman or an ass. I mean Marrah is the one who pulled all the strings, the necktie, and the belt. I just don't want to put her down.

But who am I kidding? She's riding me and I have all the strength to stop her but I choose to think of Sophie instead to keep this witch satisfied.

Maybe my body has been telling me something. If I can't get it up without thinking of the woman I'm lusting with, then maybe I really shouldn't do this.

After all, I can't escape the reality that I have responsibilities and a name to defend. And Sophie is tied to me while I'm on it.



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