An Angel in Disguise

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------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

So this is my new life now. Designer dress shirts, a seriously chic briefcase, neutral makeup palette, and a great view everytime I walk out of my room.

4 hours of sleep doesn't seem much when you see the city line and the mountains from afar. The open balcony is literally a breather from the suburban compound I was used to.

The sun is still waking up from its slumber as I hit the books again, with a coffee on the other hand. And its not helping with my nervousness for the first day at work.

An hour passed by and I found myself back at the MV Building lobby. And there she was again - the comical lady with the big stuff.

"Were you accepted?" She asked like we were friends. I just nodded at her as a response.

I can't believe she actually leaped in happiness. You can imagine how bouncy some parts of her body were.

"I wasn't accepted for the post but they placed me in Support Services so it's still a win!"

Aside from Ringo, she maybe the only other colleague that actually held a light conversation with me.

At one glance from her supervisor, she disappeared in front of me in a flash. She didn't even said goodbye.

But that's the beauty of the corporate world. Light conversations are like a quick break. Social circles don't matter when climbing up the corporate ladder. Friends are friends until they stab you in the back. A compliment from the boss means that you're one step closer to being fired - because they will keep a better eye on you.

It's such a fucked up world. I hope it won't get any more worse.

------------- (Jonathan's POV) -------------

I'm still wondering how this company became what it is right now. How come this is all what is left.

Dewy Drops is just a branch that Dewy Food Corporation started up. There were baked goods, various types of chips and my favorite Dewy Jams.

That was until two years ago, when almost 80% of the whole corporation closed down.

I came here because my Father holds the majority of the 20% that is left of Dewy.

And I'm here to take it all back. I'm here to uncover the truths about what happened in the past.

The books are right but something seems fishy. I'm going to have to check other sources.

And by other sources, I mean "Angela, please make a research about the stocks and food and related industry trends for the past 7 years. I need it this week."

------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

I don't really know why I said that she's the only one I can trust. Maybe because she's the one familiar among the other applicants.

Maybe because I already met her before. She met me and West on one of our worst habits.

Maybe because she's just a pure hard worker. And I have a debt to pay back.

Or just a woman's instinct.

It's 5 minutes before 7 in the morning and I'm getting anxious with her arrival. I just gave her a handbook that I scored off from the Internet. I hope she finds it helpful.

West was still asleep when I left. He was on a different level last night. His movements were gentle and precise. He wasn't fooling around like he always do.

It was so different that I feel warm around my neck. He holds this part of me. He's the only one that can make me weak with just the thought of him.
It could have been better if he was always nice like that.

"Ms. Sophie?"

"Finally!" I almost screamed.

"I just want to thank you so much! I'm very grateful for everything you're doing for me."

"Same here, Faye." I can't help but hold her hands. It seems like the stars aligned perfectly for this to happen. "You should go now. You're reporting to Mr. West, not me. But I hope you can pass by later? Only if you're free."

"I will make time, Ms. Sophie."

Her smile was reassuring. A heavy burden on my shoulder just fell. I know her story, her hardships, and her dreams.

But right now, I don't know if I am really the angel in disguise. I'm sure though that she's the angel for me.

------------- (West's POV) -------------

*cellphone ringing*

"Hmm? Hello?"

"West? Where are you?"

"I just woke up, Sophie."

"This is Marrah." I almost jumped out of the bed in surprise. I could imagine her bitching face because I mistaken her for Sophie.

I tried to act like I'm still half asleep before she asked again, now in a gentle manner.

"Did you forget about our brunch meeting?"

"Oh, shit!" I screamed inside my head. Think of an alibi, West. Think!

"Ah! You got me." She was giggling like a little kid. "I just need to pick up something I prepared for you, Marrah. I hope you don't mind?"

"You prepared something, eh?"

I swear to the heavens I hear her lick her lips and released a very soft moan.

"I'm looking forward to that."

What a relief that she hung up immediately. I can't believe I forgot our brunch meeting. This is because of all the fiasco yesterday!

They better have someone ready on this secretary line.

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

This is a really big office. It even has its own living room! The only office I had was when they made me do data entry on that messenger job.

I wonder if this little desk right here is my spot. This minimalist scandinavian style is perfect for concentrating.

I was looking forward to having an office tour when I heard a faint ringing sound. It took me a while to remember that I have a secretary phone.

I scrambled towards the sofa where I left my bag.

"Mr. West! How can I help you today?"

"Are you deaf? What took you so long?"

I almost forgot that I will be working for that dude who passed out at the bar and hurt his wife.

I hope it's worth it.



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