An Open Rebuke

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------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

I looked out at the stars from my balcony. There aren't so many of them. Good thing a bright star just came. And he actually waved at me.

This hypocrite thinks I don't know? Dina just called and actually reported to me that West and Marrah hooked up. Thompson saw them with his own eyes!

And he actually have the nerves to come up to my room (our room, technically, but whatever!)

"You're waiting for me?" he asked.

"Yeah." I could feel his hands backed out for a bit. He must be thinking that I will answer otherwise.

"Really, huh?" he went on with a hug.

As his hand find comfort on my waist and the other on my shoulders, I mustered all the strength left of me to ask him, "So how was your hook up with Marrah?"

I can't believe myself. I can't believe that West actually flinched as well. Am I that intimidating now?

"Well, I got a contract from her. She'll be endorsing Red Wing as long as she's here."

"Is she good in bed?" I insisted on having him spill out the details.

"Is that more important than what I achieved?" he moved away and moved to my side.

I looked up at him, "Isn't that added to your records, West? Among your friends, were you the first one to get a score on her?" I don't even know where am I getting all these crazy lines! Must be from the TV shows or books.

West kicked the steel trails that I was holding on to and furiously went inside the room. "Fine! You want to hear it? Something happened between us. Happy?!"

He slammed the shower doors that I felt they were going to shatter.

It hurt me to know straight from his mouth. Thoughts flew in inside my head. Did they share passionate kisses? Did he hold her the same way he leaves marks on my body? Did he hug her afterwards? I wonder if she saw West's eyes while they made love.

As much as my head wondered on these things, my heart seems to be shutting it close from the inside.

I could see the silhouette of his body from where I stood. I felt guilt and somewhat pissed for doing such things.

I wish I could go there, hug him and say sorry. I wish he would take back what he said.

------------- (Faye's POV) -------------

The door bell rang as I crossed out another job post that I just called up. I lazily headed out to the door to check it out.

"Yes?" I asked as I opened the door. A red shirt, red cap with a smile-plastered-face of a messenger stood in front of me.

"Faye Ie-I-Eerah Lazaro?" he asked while stuttering. He can't even say my name right!

I nodded in response as I knew already what he was going to do.

"Here is your employment certificate."

"Yeah. Thanks!" I said after I took the envelope and turned around.

"Wait! You have to sign here!"

"Oh, don't worry about that. They don't check it unless they receive a complaint. Which is something I won't do. So get out now, will you?" I threw him the same smile-plastered-face of a messenger.

He left with a dumbfounded face.

If it wasn't for that weird high school student, I should be working on my shift today. It's so boring here at the house; even Poro is dead asleep on the floor.

Maybe this is the right time to call up that lady. And I hope she could give me a steady and high-paying job. I can lower my standards on the salary, as long as I can bring home food for my family.

I pulled out her calling card from my purse and started dialling the numbers.

------------- (West's POV) -------------

Right after the contract with Marrah was closed, our department is running around in circles to finalize everything. We only have a month to capitalize on the runway event that features our flavor of the month.

An emergency meeting will take place after lunch. I'm pretty sure I'll see Sophie there. I haven't talked to her since last night. Pretty sure she still thinks that I hooked up with Marrah just to get this deal that we'll work on.
I might see her sarcastic smile again. I better hit up some drinks this early.

Just as I opened a bottle, Thompson came in at my office with a disgusting grin.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. West. The saviour. The almighty leader. And the lusty lover." He just had to whisper it so close to my ear.

This guy. I just want to push him to the windows and watch his body splat on the ground. He's unbelievable.

And he just can't feel when to stop. "I'm assuming now that since you closed the deal. You can give me a chance on a date?"

Disgusting as always. He thinks he can run around chasing my wife like a dog? Sophie is mine.

I have lots of things to handle instead of these trivial things.

I walked out of my office casually and left that dumb friend of mine on my office. He must still be talking shit there.

The elevator doors opened and i was welcomed with a cold glare. I just can't run from anything today.

"Ready for the meeting?"  I casually asked like the boss I am.

------------- (Sophie's POV) -------------

I gave him the other sandwich I have. "You don't need to ask me. I'm always ready."

I smell alcohol so I'm pretty sure he's trying to go the meeting like this. Even if West and I have a stupid relationship as husband and wife, I can't afford to just be there and not do a thing.

Besides, it's just a sandwich. He could have asked his secretary for it. But the emergency meeting is coming soon. I have to deal with his fooling around in a business way.

The conference room was almost full when we came in. 



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