:Waist-Deep In Walmart: Capitulo Uno!

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If you're reading this... good luck LOL. I wrote this over a decade ago. It's not good. It's just a silly book. Enjoy it if you can lol - Jordan

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep

           With one swift motion I snapped off the radio, frustrated with the warning siren that had been playing for the past three minutes. The warning had interrupted the song describing my day— a Manic Monday. The siren was incredibly distracting, especially since I could hardly see the road with the torrential rain that was pelting down from the sky. My windshield wipers were on the highest setting, but it didn't make it any easier to see. A brilliant flash of lightning lit up the sky, making my clutch on the steering wheel tighten. The low rumble of thunder that followed afterward only heightened my sense of unease. Only my mom would send her daughter out in such a storm to get toilet paper.

           Hurricane, the weather station had declared. Not just any ordinary hurricane. No, that was much too simple for New England. It was a category five hurricane— that supposedly would last for three to four days— or at least that was what my mom told me. Hence why I was rushed to go get toilet paper, even though the terrific storm was initiating. What was worse: I really had to pee. The rain beating down didn't really help that.

           A tempestuous burst of wind lashed into the side of my car, pushing it to the right. Letting out a gasp of surprise, I yanked the steering wheel to the left so I wouldn't crash into the guardrail lining the edge of the road. My hands were shaking when I finally managed to get the car in control again. I couldn't blame myself for being scared though— since when did hurricanes ever come to Massachusetts? Sure, Cape Cod was near the coast, but we never got hurricanes. It was unheard of! At least in my eighteen years of life. Was April even a part of the hurricane season? What exactly was the world coming to?

           To my right a towering building came into view. A wave of relief crashed over me as I put on my blinker to turn into the Walmart parking lot. Even through the rain I could see there were only two other cars in the parking lot. My mother really was the only person stupid enough to send someone out into this formidable storm. Figures. It would've been nice to know that at least one other person was out here with me.

           Pulling into a parking spot closest to the building, I braced myself before opening the car door. I only got it open an inch before the wind winged it the rest of the way open for me. For a split-second I debated on just saying screw it and going back home, but since I was already here, I decided to man up and just go. As soon as I climbed out of the car, a bucket of warm water was thrown into my face. Putting my head down low, I slammed my car door— or at least tried, the wind was making it a difficult feat— and sprinted for the covered entrance. The fierce gale was shoving me to the right and I stumbled over from the force of it a few times, using my arms to try to swim through the air current. If anyone had been watching me, they'd probably think I was mental.

           By the time I finally made it to the entrance I felt like, and probably looked like, a drowned cat. Water was dribbling down my face and my hair was completely soaked, hanging heavily on my back. I made a face, peeling my waterlogged sweatshirt away from my body. My jeans stuck uncomfortably to my legs and my flats squished with each step I took.

           "What are you doing here?"

           The sudden, booming voice from behind me caused me to start, my heart leaping into my throat. Struggling to regain my composure, my eyes searched for the source of the noise. Finally they landed on a burly, Caucasian man with a scraggily beard and red baseball cap. I blinked at him for a few seconds, taking in his intimidating appearance.

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