:Waist-Deep In Walmart: Capitulo Catorce!

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           “Okay. So. Anthony, you stay on this side of the apartment, and Ellie and I will stay on this side,” Julius started, drawing an imaginary line across the living room of Anthony’s apartment, dividing it into two sections.

            Anthony stared at him, not the slightest bit amused. “How do you expect to use the bathroom if it’s on my side?”

            “The sink,” Julius deadpanned.

            “Julius, you’re crazy,” I sighed, stepping over his nonexistent boundary. “I’m not using the sink as a toilet.”

            He grumbled at me. “No stepping over the line…”

            “It’s fine,” Anthony assured him, slinging an arm over my shoulder. “We’re all adults here, aren’t we?”

            “But Ellie—”

            “Is an adult too,” I said sharply. My stomach was twisting on the inside. With Julius here, it would be impossible to keep my secret. I had to tell Anthony as soon as possible…

            Anthony chuckled, deliberating ignoring Julius’s pointed gaze at his arm around me. “If you feel so strongly about it though, you’re more than welcome to stay on your side. Ellie and I will enjoy ourselves on my side.”

            Julius crossed his arms. “I don’t think so. How can I trust her around you when you lied to her face and kept her trapped in that Walmart?”

            “Julius, buddy, you gotta let that go…”


            “You’re acting more like the lover of a cheater than the best friend of the brother,” Anthony said casually, examining the ends of his fingernails. “Kind of suspicious if you asked me…”

            Julius scowled at him. “Anthony. Should we have another talk?”

            “Should we?” Anthony challenged him. “Your last one didn’t seem to do much, did it?”

            “I think we do need to have another chat,” he decided. “If you’d excuse us, Ellie…”

            As if on cue, my stomach rumbled. Embarrassed, I covered it, offering a sheepish grin to my neighbor. “Er…”

            His hard expression dropped. “You’re hungry? Did you guys eat well while you were stuck? Did you eat any of the hospital food? It always makes me sick. Are you feeling well?”

            “Julius, I’m fine,” I told him, smiling. “Stop worrying so much.”

            “Easy for you to say. I’ve been worried sick these past few days, not knowing if you were okay or not.”

            Anthony gave him a wary look. “Don’t worry, the feeling’s mutual. She actually almost cried—”

            “Anthony!” I cried, my eyes widening. “S-shut up!”

            “Ellie!” Julius sang, throwing himself at me. “Don’t worry! I’m okay! See? I’m alive and smiling!”

            Struggling to shove him off me, I pushed on his shoulders with all my strength. “I get it! I see! Now get offa me!”

            With some extra help from Anthony, we both managed to push Julius away with me. He was wiping away fake tears, sniffling dramatically. “You know what your brother said to me when I called him?”

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