:Waist-Deep In Walmart: Capitulo Deiciocho!

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Thump. Thump. Thump.

            With each quaking thud of the bass, my glass of water slid a little further toward the edge of my desk. My heart was thudding along with it as well, creating the feeling of someone playing drums on my vital organ. I tried to concentrate on my laptop screen, attempting to block out the noise. Unfortunately for me, my room was located directly over the living room, where the colossal Sony speakers were placed.

            “Poppin’ bottles in the ice,” I sang along absentmindedly, “like a blizzard— no, Ellie! No singing. You have to write this essay.”

            Scrunching up my forehead in annoyance, I stared determinedly at my laptop. I’d totally forgotten about the essay on Icarus and Daedalus that was due the day after we were able to return to school. To make things worse, the myth was only a page long, which made the topic harder to write about. There wasn’t enough information on them to compose a compare and contrast essay.

            The sound of my door opening caught my ears and I turned, ready to snap at whoever was interrupting me this time. At least three giggling couples had already barged in on me, searching for a room to make out and who knows what else in. “Get out,” I started, narrowing my eyes at the tall figure entering.

            “It’s Anthony,” Anthony notified me, holding up his hands in defensive, an attractive grin splitting across his face. “You sound moody.”

            “Of course. I have an essay due tomorrow and I haven’t even written three words.”

            A pitying look came into his eye and he walked over to my desk, placing his hands on my shoulders and squeezing them. “Maybe I can help. What’s it on?”

            “Icarus and Daedalus.”

            “Ah, Greek mythology.”

            “You any good at it?”

            He smirked. “Absolutely not.”

            Sighing, I let my head fall onto my keyboard. “I’m doomed.”

            “Take a break,” Anthony suggested, spinning my chair around so that I was facing him. “The party’s pretty fun.”

            “That’s because you know everyone,” I pointed out. “You go to college with them.”

            “Actually, I only know about fifteen of them,” he retorted, giving me a sheepish look. “The Facebook group said feel free to invite people.”

            I half-smiled. “Awesome. A bunch of drunk people I don’t know, nor does my brother, are in our house.”

            Anthony chuckled. “If you’d like, I could stand guard at your door so no one will interrupt you.”

            “I don’t really mind that. It’s the sound.”

            “Ah,” he responded, frowning. “What about this?” Without waiting for my response, he placed his warm hands over my ears. “Can you hear?”

             I smiled, nodding at him. “Sadly, yes.”

            He pouted a little bit and dropped his hands. “Damn.”

            “I’ll be okay,” I insisted, taking his hands into mine. “You should go have fun. Go dance with some drunk college girls.”

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