:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Capitulo Dieciséis!

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           “Day two. Fifteen hours. Ellie is showing signs of going crazy and Julius is braiding the said girl’s hair.”

            My eyes went from staring at the static on the T.V to Anthony, who was holding his fist to his mouth like he was talking into a microphone. “I’m going crazy?”

            “Yeah, you’re staring at a blank T.V.”

            “Actually, it’s a snow storm,” Julius countered, pausing with his twisting of my hair. “Get your facts right, Ant.”

            He rolled his eyes. “Snowstorm or not, she’s still just staring at the T.V.”

            “Isn’t the first sign of craziness talking to yourself?” I retorted, reaching for the remote to turn on the television. “At least I’m having some imagination going on.”

            “Hey, I am too,” he protested, holding up his fist. “I’m pretending to make a recording.”

            Julius snorted. “Are you two?”

            “Are you human?”

            “I have a headache,” I complained, placing my palms to my forehead. It’d started after we finished playing videogames about an hour ago. It wasn’t that surprising, really. I wasn’t accustomed to playing six hours of videogames in a day. A headache was nothing. It could’ve been a migraine.

            Julius started undoing the braids he’d already finished. “Let me get rid of these. They’re probably making it worse.”

            I turned my head to smile at him. “Maybe a little.”

            He grinned back, untwisting my hair. “Brat.”

            “So, Ellie, remember the time we were trapped in Walmart and—”

            “Anthony,” I interjected quickly, my eyes widening.

            His eyebrows furrowed. “What?”

            “O-of course I remember,” I told him, my mind racing for a way to change the topic. “You, umm, taught me how to play basketball a little.”

            “Did he?” Julius inquired. “How did you manage to do that?”

            “The basketball hoop we set up in the back,” Anthony informed him. “That’s how I found how Ellie is a virgin.”

            Because I sucked in air too quickly due to Anthony’s comment, I choked on it, my eyes watering as I coughed. Julius patted my back roughly, which didn’t help at all. When I could finally breathe again, I glared at Anthony. “Don’t say it like that!”

            “You didn’t try to rape her, did you?” Julius asked, his hand still resting on my back.

            Anthony laughed. “No way. No means no. But yes, on the other hand..."

            Julius covered my ears. “Hey. Innocent ears here. Stop talking about that, Anthony.”

            Anthony rolled his eyes. “Sure thing, Julius. But don’t you want to know how I know?”

            “Not really.”

            “You sure?”

            “I’m sure.”

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