:Waist-Deep In Walmart: Capitulo Diez!

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“Ow, it hurts…”

            “Come on, a little more.”

            “No, I can’t. It hurts!

            Anthony frowned at me. “You’re acting like a virgin.”

            Scowling up at him, I let my arms drop, a basketball in hand. “No, I’m acting like a girl in pain from shooting a basketball a thousand times in a row!”

            “Okay, you can take a break,” he said reluctantly. “But after we’re having a one-on-one match. You can actually make a basket now. You should be proud!”

            “I’d be more proud if my arms weren’t burning.”

            “I thought you played soccer for three years?”

            I crossed my arms, huffing at him. “Soccer doesn’t involve using your arms as much as basketball— actually, it hardly requires you to use them.”

            “I’m curious now though…”

            “About what?”

            “Are you a virgin?”

            Doing a double take, I stared at him in astonishment. Did he really just ask a girl— who wasn’t his girlfriend — that? “Is that really any of your business?” I finally retorted.

            He shook his head, giving me an innocent look. “Nope, I was just wondering. You don’t need to tell me if you’re embarrassed.”

            “I’m not embarrassed!”

            “So you’ll tell me?”

            “No,” I snapped at him, turning my head away. “Come on. I’m ready to play a game.”

            He quickly bounded over to me, throwing an arm around my shoulder. “I have a different idea. Instead of having a one-on-one match, let’s play a different game.”

            “What kind of game?” I questioned warily.



            “Yeah, have you heard of it?”

            I nodded. “We used to play it in soccer. It’s where one person shoots and the other person has to mimic it, right? From the same position?”

            “Yep! Exactly!”

            “We can play that I guess.” It gave me a better chance of winning. Even though I was nowhere as good as Anthony in this sport.

            He gave me an evil look. “Let’s up the antes a little bit.”


            “Whoever misses a shot has to honestly answer a question the other person asks. For example if I made a basket, and then you tried to mimic it and missed, I’d get to ask you a question.”

            I grimaced. I should’ve expected that. It was obviously unfair to me. He could wreck me as easily as a wrecking ball to an abandoned building! Which meant he’d be the one interrogating me the entire time! “You know I wouldn’t get to ask you one question.”

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