:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Capitulo Cinco!

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When I awoke, clamorous rumbles of thunder were still rolling outside, but I was too distracted by the sight in front of me to care. Anthony was dead asleep, sprawled out on top of his sleeping bag. It made me wonder how he managed to get out of it while asleep. One of his hands was still clamped to mine, which made me smile. The other one was laying across the cold floor, all the way stretched out. The main part of his body was at a diagonal angle, putting his head extremely close to mine. It was literally only five inches away now. His dark hair was falling into his face, and with each breath he exhaled a few pieces of his fringe would go up with the breeze.

            It took me a few more minutes to realize that if I could see him, it meant the lights came back on. I silently cheered to myself. The lights made me feel a lot more comfortable. Carefully, I lifted Anthony’s wrist up to my face to check his watch. It was ten in the morning. Tuesday. My eyes widened. It definitely didn’t feel like I’d slept for eleven hours. What was even more surprising was that I didn’t even wake up once during the night. Even at home I’d wake up at least once or twice.

            My stomach rumbled loudly and I quickly clapped my free hand to it, my eyes widening. Luckily, the noise didn’t wake up Anthony. Being as careful as I could, I slid my other hand out of his and managed to scoot my sleeping bag far enough away from him so that I could slip out of it without hitting him. For a second I debated about waking Anthony up to have him come with me, but realized how childish I was being. Nothing was going to come out and attack me. With new resolve, I headed off for the food section.

            Honey Bunches of Oats… Fruity Pebbles… Pops… Cheerios… Special K… Reese’s Puffs… Smacks… Trix… Captain Crunch… I walked back and forth along the cereal aisle, biting at my lip. There were so many, it was hard to choose one. It wasn’t everyday you could almost literally have anything you wanted for breakfast. I knew if I really wanted to, I could open up a microwave or a mini-oven and find an outlet to plug it into to heat something up. Hell, I could even open one of those single burners and make eggs. However, I decided not to waste money and do that. Eventually I settled on Fruity Pebbles. The next stop was milk. To my dismay, I found myself wondering what brand of milk to get. Since when did I become so indecisive? Didn’t all milk taste the same?

            “I enjoy Hood.”

            Startled, I dropped the box of Fruity Pebbles, which fell to the ground with a quiet thump. The person behind me chuckled and I turned to see Anthony stand there, his hair sticking out everywhere. “Morning, Ellie,” he greeted me, punctuating his words with a yawn.

            “Morning,” I mumbled, running a hand through my hair. Hopefully it didn’t look too bad. It felt greasy though. Disgusting. “Did I wake you?”

            He shook his head. “No. I just noticed you were gone so I came hunting for you. I see you found breakfast,” he commented, stooping down to pick up the box of Fruity Pebbles. “Perfect choice. Just what I wanted.”

            I smiled, happy I’d chosen something he liked as well. “Really?”

            “Really,” he insisted, reaching past me, and opening the fridge door. He pulled out a carton of milk before closing it again. “I hope you don’t mind whole milk.”

            “I only like whole milk.”

            He gave me an appreciative nod. “That’s good to hear. I like girls who aren’t afraid to admit that.”

            I titled my head to the side in a questioning manner. “What do you mean?”

            “Some of my old girlfriends would tell me they didn’t drink whole milk because it was too fattening, but then when I went to their house, that was the only milk in their fridge,” he explained, smirking at the memory. “Of course I never said anything, but still. I prefer girls who like whole over 2%.”

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