:Waist-Deep In Walmart: Capitulo Diecisiete!

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“Car, sweet car!” I cried, throwing my arms around my coal Honda Civic as best I could. “You’re so clean!”

            “Well,” Julius started in a smart tone, his head hanging out the window of his own white Corolla, “it did rain for four days straight…”

            I ignored him, fumbling for my key in my back pocket. My pointer finger brushed against the cool metal and I curled my hand around it, bringing it out of my pocket and unlocking the door. The first thing I grabbed from inside was my iPhone. “And communication!”

            “You had communication my cell phone… Remember? You’ve been calling your brother for the past three days to see if the marshes were cleared up? Then this morning too when you found out they were?”

            “Julius, just shut up.”

            He grinned cheekily. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

            The roar of an engine filled the air, as well as the squealing of tires. Both Julius and I turned our heads toward the sound, which was coming from the other side of the parking lot. I squinted against the sun, raising my hand to shield my eyes. As my gaze landed on the car speeding toward us, I held in a sigh.


            “Show off,” Julius muttered darkly. “Doesn’t he realize there are like, fifty billion people here? I hope he hits someone.”



            “At least say you hope he hits someone else’s car! Don’t let someone else get hurt because of his stupidity,” I scolded him, keeping my eyes glued to the grey Camry. “I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to go over ten miles in a parking lot…”

            Julius snorted. “You think Anthony obeys driving laws?”


            “He’s an idiot,” Julius said flatly. “I don’t want you driving with him.”

            I frowned, folding my arms over my chest. “For being his best friend, you sure do like to diss him.”

            “That’s what friends are for.”

            “Except not really.”

            Before Julius could say more, Anthony’s car came skidding to a stop in front of us. Rolling down his window, he stuck his head out and beamed. “Ah, it’s nice to drive again.”

            At his words, the hand holding my car key twitched. I really wanted to drive. “Well, since we now know your car didn’t get damaged and works fine, it’s time to try mine. Julius, I’ll meet you at my house, okay?”

            “Sure,” he responded, throwing a smug smile at Anthony. “I’ll be there.”

            Anthony’s expression didn’t falter. “I called Mason earlier. His mom invited me to dinner.”

            Julius tsked. “Damn.”

            “Hey,” Anthony protested, feigning a hurt look. “Don’t you care about me any more?”

            “I do, but I haven’t gotten alone time with Mason in a very long time…”

            “Come to think of it, I haven’t either…”

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