Second Account: @LoveTap14

-I'm Brandy.
-I'm twenty.
-I love to write.
-I love to read.
-I type "lol" way too much. I think it's like a filler word for me. Except in text, lol.
-I love all things Disney. The Lion King being my favorite Disney movie.
-I love sappy, romance movies.
-I have a full time job. I mainly write when I get home into the night, until either I pass out or until I get distracted.
-I'm sensitive. And not afraid to admit that I'm a crybaby. lol
-I have a boyfriend, who I usually talk to while I'm writing. (Also the reason why I get easily distracted lol)
-I lived in California till I was fourteen, then I moved to Wisconsin. Then moved back to California when I graduated high school. Then moved back to Wisconsin in early 2015. I hope to stay in one place for a long while now lol.
- I'll post more facts about me when I think of them. :P Until then...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sweetdreams31 Sweetdreams31 Jul 06, 2015 01:33PM
@CookieMonster268 I'll be updating tonight:)
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