:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Capitulo Siete!

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My eyes slid in and out of focus as blurred images crossed the television screen in front of me. I wasn’t even bothering to pretend to be paying attention to the movie. It was incredibly monotonous. It was just clips after clips of people talking. Not one part had sent my heart racing yet.

            “This movie is so boring,” Anthony commented three-fourths a way through the movie, as if reading my mind. He sunk back into the leather couch, stretching widely, one of his slender arms coming to a rest dangerously close to my shoulder.

            “Mm,” I responded noncommittally, trying to keep my eyes attached to the screen. For the past hour my eyes had been flickering to his handsome face when he wasn’t looking. Somehow I’d managed to keep my stealthily stolen glances a secret. He hadn’t caught me once.

            “So I take it you’re scared, huh?”

            Now I turned to him, a frown adorning myself. “No, I’m not.”

            For some reason, he looked disappointed. “Really?”


            “Not even a little bit?”

                        I shrugged casually, trying to keep my face straight. Not that I was going to admit it, but Alien movies did scare me. However, since it was daytime at the moment (albeit storming) the film wasn’t having the same effect as one normally would. There were no sightings of aliens during the day, so there was nothing to worry about. “Are you scared?”

            A flashy smile spread across his face, his unbelievably white teeth coming into view. “I just said it was boring. What do you think?”

            “Do you want to stop watching it?”

            By his expression, you’d think I suggested murdering his pets. “What? No! I heard the scariest part was at the end!”


            “Yeah, my friend Kate said so.”

            I shifted uncomfortably, gazing back at the screen. How was the movie supposed to become more frightening in the next half hour? Nothing was really happening in it now. Actually, nothing had really happened at all throughout the whole movie. Suddenly I became aware of a warm body in close proximity to mine. Anthony was grinning at me when I twisted my head to look at him. “Er, do you want something?”

            “Well if it’s going to get scary, I need someone to cling to.” His eyes twinkled in amusement, that handsome grin appearing on his face again.

            “Um, sure,” I responded hesitantly. Was that really a good idea? We’d almost kissed earlier and clinging was essentially the same thing as cuddling. Wouldn’t that be awkward? Well, even so, I wasn’t going to give up the chance to cuddle with him. “If you really need to… baby,” I added teasingly after a second.

            “I’m older than you,” he retorted.

            My heart skipped a beat. “W-what?”

            He turned with a cocked eyebrow, an amused expression crossing his face. “Haven’t we discussed this? You’re a few months younger than Mason, right? I’m older than him, so you can’t call me a baby.”

            “Oh,” I responded, almost laughing at myself. Why was I getting worried? There was no way Anthony could find out my true age. My secret was safe.

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