:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Chapter Twenty-Two?

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“Ooh! I bet this would look cute on me!” Caroline said excitedly, holding up white cashmere sweater up to her chest.

            I cocked an eyebrow. “Cashmere? Do you really want to spend that much?”

            “Well, no, but…”

            “Come on,” I urged, grabbing her by the hand and dragging her out of the expensive clothing store with a name I couldn’t remember for the life of me. “We’re supposed to be shopping for me, anyway. Not you.”

            She pouted. “But Anthony gave me permission to go as well…”

            “Because you pestered him for three days straight! He showed me all the times you called him! How did you even get his number?”

            A secretive smirk crossed her face. “It’s a secret. And hey, it isn’t like he’s against the idea. He seemed more than happy to ask his parents if I could go as well and just as excited when they agreed.”

            “That’s because he wanted me to take along a friend,” I responded, pushing my bangs behind my ear. “I think it’s because he wants me to hang out with someone other than Julius if he’s busy with something.”

            “Don’t know, don’t care,” Caroline told me, her eyes scanning the signs of the stores we were passing. “I’m going to Florida, and that’s all that matters… Well that, and I’m with my best friend,” she added after seeing my dirty look.

            Smiling in spite of myself, I shook my head. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go to Hollister. I need to buy a bikini.”

            “Me too!”

            “Don’t you have like, ten?”

            She beamed at me proudly. “Yep, but my boobs finally got bigger.”

            I laughed as she patted her chest with a pleased expression. “You’re a weird girl, Carol.”

            “Just because you’ve been blessed by the Goddess of breasts…”

            Flushing slightly, I turned my head away. “They’re normal size!”

            “Not for someone your build. Usually skinny chicks have no tits.”

            “C-Caroline! Shh! Someone might hear you!”

            Unaffected by my comment, she just shrugged. “What? Girls have boobs. It’s pretty obvious. As obvious as guys having dicks.”

            Embarrassed, I ushered her into the clothing store thick with the smell of perfume. “Let’s just buy our bikinis.”

            “I dare you to buy a thong bottom—”

            “No! And you’re not allowed to either!”

            She grinned, leading us toward the back of the store where the bathing suits were located. “I’m kidding. I don’t want to look like a slut.”


            “Ellie, stop talking.”

            I bumped her hip with mine. “Just kidding.”

            A friendly cashier greeted us as we passed the check out bar and Caroline gave him an overzealous response, which earned a blush. I shot her pointed look to which she returned with a sheepish one. Everyone knew (and saw) that she wasn’t the ugliest person on earth. In fact, she was quite stunning. So much so, even I, her best friend, was jealous. But because of this, a lot of girls were jealous and gained an unjust hatred of her. Basically myself and our two other friends Rebecca and Savannah were her only girl friends. I had a couple other girl friends, but she wasn’t too interested in being friends with them. Which was perfectly fine. Our little circle of friends were more than enough.

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