:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Capitulo Veinte

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“So your variable a is going to be below the x, because in the hyperbola, the positive variable always goes with a. Get it?”

            I stared down at my math paper; attempting to retain the information Anthony was feeding me. “I—”

            “I get it! I get it!”

            Scowling, I narrowed my eyes at my blonde friend, Caroline. “That’s because you’re in calculus!”

            She batted her eyelashes at me innocently. “I know, but there’s still a lot I can’t remember.”

            “Or you just want Anthony’s attention,” I muttered.

            “That too,” she admitted with a laugh.

            “Sorry, sorry, I’m Ellie’s only,” Anthony told her with a grin, wrapping a strong arm around my shoulder.

            The corners of Caroline’s lips tugged up into a smirk. “Oh really? I figured you’d have to share her with Julius. He loves her a lot, you know.”

            I felt my cheeks tingling. “Carol….”

            “They used to chase each other around and tackle each other to the ground and make out—”

            “We did not!”

            “I wouldn’t doubt it,” Anthony said solemnly.

            I glared at him. “Anthony!”

            “Kidding!” he responded quickly, swiftly placing a peck on my lips. “I know you’re over Julius.”

            “And he’s over me,” I stated firmly.

            Caroline and Anthony exchanged amused glances. “Is that what you think?” Caroline asked.

            Ignoring her, I returned my attention to my math homework. “What are the equations for asymptotes?”

            Anthony let out a throaty groan, falling back onto my floor. “Can’t we stop studying?”

            “No! I have a final tomorrow! You two are the smartest people I know!”

            “Actually, Julius and your brother are pretty smart—” Caroline started, but I cut her off.

            “You know if I ask Julius he’ll say I owe him something, and you know my brother would probably teach me the wrong thing.”

            Smiling, Caroline shrugged. “It’s just a fact.”

            “When I said I wanted to meet your friends, I didn’t mean during a study session,” Anthony complained. “I thought we could go to a club.”

            “Most of my friends are still seventeen,” I pointed out.

            Furrowing his eyebrow, he glanced around the room. “Out of all the people here, how many are seventeen?”

            Caroline raised her hand.

            “So one out of one. That’s a big percent.”

            Rolling my eyes, I shoved him in the shoulder. “Anthony, Carol isn’t my only friend. The rest just apparently don’t like me and didn’t want to come over.”

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