:Waist-Deep in Walmart: Chapter Twenty-Five

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"Hey, are you sure this is okay?"

            Anthony stared at me, a large cardboard box in his arms. "Ellie, you're waiting until half of your stuff is already in my apartment to ask me this?"

             I grinned sheepishly. "I feel like I'm intruding."

            Sighing, he placed the box down on the ground heavily. "Ellie, Ellie. You aren't intruding at all."


            "Really," he insisted, opening his arms. "Come here."

            After hesitating a moment I slid into his arms, resting my head against his shoulder. "My mom really appreciates it. It's much cheaper than dorming."

            "And better, right?"

            "And better," I agreed, tilting my head up to smile at him.

            He smiled back at me. "I love you, Ellie."

            Laughing, I nodded. "I know. You've told me that. Every day for the past four months, Anthony."

            "I just like saying it," he responded happily. "Now that you know, I can't help myself."

            "Well, I love you too." Pushing myself up onto his tiptoes, I gave him a light kiss on the nose. "And I'm happy I'm not intruding on you in your home."

            "You'd never be an unwelcomed guess, Ellie."

            I placed chin on his shoulder. "I know."

            "However, on the other hand—"

            "Ew, you two, get a room!"

            Grimacing, Anthony pulled himself away from me. "Julius is an unwelcomed guest," he finished. Scowling, he turned to the blonde. "If you didn't notice, we are in a room. My room."

            Julius smiled innocently at him. "Oh, this place is yours? I thought it was ours now. After all, I am helping to pay with rent."

            "Whatever," Anthony muttered.

            "You should be thankful to me. If I didn't move in with Ellie, her mom wouldn't have let her."

            "That's not true," I protested, but part of me had the feeling he was right. Sure, my mom didn't want to pay for dorming, but I doubted she'd let me live alone with my boyfriend. And since my brother had different class times than me, it wasn't like I could drive with him... Which meant I'd be dorming alone.

            Julius chuckled. "Believe what you want, Ellie. But if I move out, you'll probably be going home too. So I suggest you two behave so I'll want to stay."

            "I'll go crazy," Anthony murmured to me.

            I grinned. "It'll be okay."

            "Actually, you guys should be my slaves. Oh, geez. I have so much power over you two..." Julius began to laugh evilly, rubbing his hands together. "I'm going to have so much fun..."

            "Just kill me now," Anthony pleaded. "Please, Ellie. End this before it starts."

            I lightly batted him on the head. "Oh, shut up Anthony. It'll be fine. I know how to handle Julius."

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