I wiped at my eyes and Chance whimpered, his wolf probably hurting. "Bails..."

I sniffed. "I'm not done. He continued to have sex with me even though I didn't want to but I was scared to leave him or tell anyone. He started hitting me when I would want to leave or not have sex. He would tie me up and leave me there and beat me. It was the beginning of my senior year when I couldn't even hide the bruises or the pain anymore. It was when he broke my arm that I had to tell my mom everything. She made me contact the police and take up self defense classes. I spent my entire senior year in court with him. I won and he's in jail for a very long time now for abusing and raping a minor."

Chance didn't say anything for a little while. "Where is he now?"

"He's in jail for life for abusing and raping a minor. He was doing the same thing to another girl in one of his classes. He went to jail with no bail or even with the idea of parole. I don't care about him and he's not coming for me anytime soon, I promise you. I thought I loved him but turns out I don't even know what love is."

Chance growled. "I could kill him. I could go to where he is right now and kill him with my bare hands. No man should ever do that to a girl, let alone do that to someone for four fucking years!"

I flinched, hating when Chance yelled. "Do you understand why I hate that you're so possessive? You yell and growl and try to control me all the time and it reminds me of him! I'm afraid you're going to hurt me one day."

Chance's eyes went back to a beautiful sea blue color. 'You think I'm going to hurt you?"

"Yes! I'm afraid of you sometimes. I'm scared you're going to touch me like he touched me. You talk about mating and biting and I'm not ready for that, mentally or physically and I probably won't be for a very long time and you need to accept that!"

Chance stood from my bed. "Then I'll wait for you, Bails. I would never force you to do something you don't want to do."

I laughed bitterly. "You forced me to come and live with you. How could I not be afraid? You threatened to tie me up and that brings back so many goddamn memories! I have scars on my wrists from the ropes and the abuse. Why do you think I usually only wear long sleepover shirts? I try so hard to hide the scars he left behind on me, mentally and physically."

Chance's expression softened. "I would never force you to have sex with me. You are my mate and my other half. I'm sorry if I made you feel this way. I might not show it much, but I do care about you Bailey, wolf aside."

I turned away from Chance, letting out a chocked sob. I felt Chance's presence behind me. I think he was scared to touch me. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing in his scent and trying to calm my crying down. His arms circled around my waist and for some reason, I felt safe."

"Why don't you get some sleep?"

I nodded and let Chance lead me to my bed. He pulled the covers up to my chin and kissed my forehead. He was able to leave but I grabbed onto his wrist. "Please stay for a little."

Chance nodded and walked around to the other side of my bed and got under the blankets with me. I moved a tiny bit closer to him but not enough to touch him and then I fell asleep, with no nightmares."


I woke up to snoring. The sun was shining through my window and I was starving. My stomach was growling and my wolf was becoming restless. I tried getting up but then I realized that Chance's legs and mine were tangled together His head was resting in the crease of my neck and shoulder. One arm was draped loosely over my waist and he was snoring extra fucking loud in my ear.

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