Chapter 16

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 i've got to be strong,

 and trust where you're heading.  


It's been a couple of days since Chance had brought me officially into the pack. I wasn't the official Luna yet, by law since Chance hasn't marked me. I wasn't ready for that and Chance respected that but I do know that I can't keep him waiting forever. In the eyes of the pack, I was their Luna and that counted for something.

Today, Chance is having another fighting lesson. We have yet to fight in our wolf forms because Chance wants everyone to be confident in our human forms before moving on. I wanted to learn to fight in wolf form, knowing how useful it can be. Chance said the fight today was at noon and I still had about fifteen minutes till then.

I was alone in the pack house this morning. Most of the wolves were patrolling the boarders today because there was more than one breech at our boarders with rouges last night. Chance wants everyone to be safe so he has more security on our boarders just in case more come back.

Shaking my head, I forgot about the rouges. I know we can handle them. Chance's pack was pretty large and rouges were just wolves that went crazy or needed a new home. Our warriors were well trained and could fight to keep our pack safe.

I know I shouldn't worry, but I did because anything bad can happen to our pack, me, or even Chance.


Chance wasn't happy. When I arrived at the building where we have our lessons, he immediately contacted me through our link. You're seriously wearing that?

He had growled lowly and I didn't quite understand why he was getting so worked up. I was wearing sneakers, gym leggings and a sports bra. It's the same outfit I wore to all the other lessons. My hair was in a pony tail. I looked a mess so I didn't understand why Chance was getting so angry. Chance, being Chance, growled again which caused everyone to look at me when I walked in.

I responded to Chance out loud. "You really need to stop being so over bearing."

Many people snickered and Chance's eyes flashed yellow, his wolf coming to the surface. Was he seriously this mad over my gym outfit? "You need to stop wearing shit like that out in public."

I started getting angry. "I thought we were going to try and get along?"

"If you're going to dress like that then, we're not getting along at all."

I sighed, growing even more frustrated, "Chance, I wear this stuff all the time when I come to these lessons. You didn't care what I looked like before the initiation."

The way Chance spoke to me made me sound like I was dressing like some whore when in reality, I wasn't. There were other females in the building that were dressed the same exact way as me. Most of the guys didn't even wear shirts. I felt a little hurt but my wolf reassured me that Chance was just being protective and letting everyone know that I'm his.

Before class could begin or before Chance could say anything else, a red headed she-wolf spoke up. "If I may say so, Alpha, I agree with you as well. The Luna should never be dressed like that out in public."

The girl turned away from Chance and smirked at me. I could tell she was trying to get me riled up but it wasn't going to work. Chance would take my side and wouldn't let anyone insult me but, I was wrong, "Thank you, Jenna. Luna's shouldn't dress like that."

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