Chapter 11

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i'll make this feel like home


When I woke up, I was sore all over. I was still outside with the little city below me. Next to me was Chance, still fast asleep. His tail was curled around my body and his head was resting on his front paws. I groaned, which sounded more like a growl. Chance's ears perked up and his eyes shot open. He stood in defensive position and was taking in all his surroundings. When he realized that it was just me who made the noise, he laid back down on the ground,

Can we go back now? I asked, just wanting my human body back. I want to take a shower, get something to eat and sleep in a bed. By the looks of it, it was still early in the morning since the sun was just rising,

Sure, follow me back.

Chance stood up again and stretched. He then leaped into the air and began running into the trees that were behind us, I followed him, my paws smashing the flowers beneath me. Within ten minutes we had made it back to the London Wolves pack house. Nobody was outside, aside from the patrolling guards. Everyone was most likely still sleeping since it was a Saturday.

How do I change back?

Chance looked around. Let me get some clothes for the two of us. In trees near packs, there are usually clothes stored in the trunks of trees. So, if you ever need to shift back when in the woods, there will most likely always be clothes around for you. Once you shift back, you're naked.

If I was in my human form, I knew I would be blushing. Chance went behind a tree and when he came back, he was human and wearing a pair of basketball shorts. In his hands were a t-shirt and similar shorts to the ones he was wearing now. "So, what I tell the newly shifted wolves is to just shut your eyes and imagine yours. Imagine you're a human being. Just breathe and relax. Don't think of anything else but your human self. You will shift and it will hurt the first few times. When you get used to shifting, you won't even need to think, it'll just be instinct. Here, take these and go behind that tree. I'll be waiting her for you."

I put the clothes in my mouth and ran over the tree and stood behind it. I imagined myself with my short hair and average height. I pictured myself smiling and being with my family again. Within minutes I felt my bones cracking. I bit my lip in agony, trying not to let Chance know I was dying of pain again. When I reopened my eyes, I was standing naked. I quickly put the clothes on that Chance had given me.

Peeking around the tree, I saw Chance standing there. "What's wrong?"

Chance's head snapped up to mine, his eyes flashing yellow. "My wolf doesn't like when you're in pain. He wants me to go and comfort you but I know that I can't do that. I told him you need privacy and that you're fine because everyone new wolf goes through this. My wolf cares for you a lot."

Chance always makes it sound like his wolf is the only one that cares about me and not him. Ignoring the weird feeling in my chest, I started walking toward Chance. "Could I shower? I need sleep and a shower. I feel really sore."

Chance nodded, leading me into the pack house. "Of course. There's a bathroom in my room and our bags are still in there from last night."

Chance led me up the stairs and to his room. I took some fresh clothes from my bag and went into the bathroom. I started up the shower and waited for the bathroom to become steam before getting in. I let the hot water stream down my body, soothing my aching muscles.

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