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focus on my voice

gotta let me through

gotta get to you

turn down all the noise

focus on me

i'll focus on you


I called out his name but there was no response. I sighed, knowing that if I called for him yet again, he wouldn't even answer. He wasn't home, I should know that. He was most likely at work already. There was a breach in the south boarder and he needed to go and attend to it. I wanted to go with him, but I was bedridden.


I sighed, knowing full well that I can't get out of bed to see which little one was calling my name. I feel so helpless. Chance said I can call him whenever through our mind link but he's working and I hate bothering him. I didn't really have any other choice because the child who was screaming for me started crying hysterically. Just as I was about to call Chance, I heard my name being called from downstairs.

"Up here! Where else would I be?"

A small laugh sounded from the hallway and I instantly knew it was Ryan. I haven't seen him much these past few days since him and Hannah were having a baby soon. She was due any day now. Chance gave him some time off so that he could tend to Hannah in her final days of carrying the baby.

When Ryan came into my room, a huge smile formed on my lips. He came over to my bed and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Did you need anything, Bails?"

"You are a lifesaver, Ryan. I think Jamie is screaming for me in her room. Do you think you could get her for me and bring her in here? MY mom should be here soon to take her to school."

Ryan nodded and walked out of my room and down the hall to Jamie's room. Jamie will be turning six this year. She's in kindergarten and is my little devil. She is always getting into trouble but she's so cute that we can never stay mad at her for long. I had her right after Chance and I got married. Shortly after we got engaged, I got pregnant. Nine months later, the best thing ever came into my life.

I heard some small sniffles in the hallway. Ryan came into the room with Jamie in his arms. Tears were running down her face. He put her down gently and she came running over to my bed, squeezing the life out of me. Ryan came closer and pulled Jamie back a bit from me. "Remember what I said, love, Mommy need rest and you need to be careful with her."

"Sorry Uncle Ryan, I forgot already."

Ryan just smiled brightly at her and kissed both of her cheeks. She giggled loudly and crawled into the bed with me. I put on the tv and let Disney Jr play for her. Ryan came over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Is Jace still sleeping?"

I nodded. "I didn't hear anything on the baby monitor but could you possibly check on him for me? If he's awake, you can just bring him in here with me. He's probably hungry."

Ryan left and went to Jace's room. Jace is my second son. He will be five soon. I got pregnant shortly after Jamie was born. Jace is the sweetest little boy in the world. He goes to pre-school three times a week and hates it. He would rather stay at home with me.

Shortly after Ryan left, he came back in the room. "He's awake and I got him dressed and everything for you. He's downstairs with your mom. She made some breakfast for the kids. Your dad is coming over soon to take Jace to preschool."

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