Chapter 24

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  so we'll piss off the neighbors 

in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears  


My wolf was panicking, howling in pain. Her voice was a soft whisper in the back of my head. Bailey, please do something for us.

I frowned and tried sitting up again, the pain in my side burning. Maybe Chance was right, that I did have a broken rib or something close to it. I sighed and took a small breath, willing myself to man up and bear through the pain. Well, maybe if you decided to start healing us, I would go after him. We're not healing, what's happening?

My wolf growled and I frowned. She said she was calling out to his wolf but he wasn't responding to her. Taking another deep, slow, breath, I sat up in the bed. I bit my lip, telling myself I was fine. I grabbed onto the end side table to help myself stand up and not fall over. When the pain was just a small throb in my side, I stumbled over to the door. Hannah was rushing out of her room and paused when she saw me coming down the stairs. I gasped, feeling the pain intensify. "What is going on? Where is everyone going?"

She looked to the steps and then to me and rushed over, taking my hand into hers. "Chance called for a punishment. A punishment, Bailey! Ryan and I thought this was over in this pack, that you were the packs saving grace. He hasn't done this in so long. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Because, Chance never told me about this side of him."

Hannah had a look of concern on her face. "Before you, everyone was afraid to do anything wrong. The Alpha's of this pack have been brutal. A punishment would be called to see someone be whipped or killed. The whole pack is forced to come out and watch to know that this can happen to you if you disobey the higher in commands. Chance hasn't done this since before you got her. Ryan swore you changed him. His wolf is short tempered, if you haven't noticed, like your fathers and yours but worse. He's been good though. We all assumed his mom or Chance would've told you but I guess they didn't want to scare you away. What's going on with you?"

I was hunched over, clutching at my side. Hannah was worried. "I believe I have a broken rib or my appendix ruptured, who knows with me. Jenna cause it on purpose, which is why Ryan's face has a bruise but his should be healed by now. My wolf isn't healing us and I don't know why. Chance came home all angry and when he saw me just snapped. I've never seen him like that before. Hannah, he told me he's going to kill her."

Hannah's eyes grew wide, fear evident all over her face. She grabbed me, letting me use her as support to stand. "Oh, this isn't good, not good at all. First of all, your wolf is hurting because of Chance. She's retaliating by not healing you two. Many mates to do this to get their mates attention. If your rib is broken, we shouldn't move any fast incase you pierce your lung. I'm studying to become a pack doctor so I know a few things. We need to get you to Chance so you can heal. Your wolf will kill you. She feels hurt. How are you always getting yourself into things like this?"

I sighed, wondering the same thing. Every time I got better, I get hurt again. I looked at Hannah. "Please take me to him, I feel so light headed."

Hannah nodded and helped me walk but she basically ended up dragging me along with her outside. When we got to the center of the pack, I saw that everyone was circled around a platform. On the platform stood Jenna, shaking in fear and a rope around her neck. She was tied to a post and her head was down, not meeting anyone's eyes in the crowd. Chance stood beside her, his eyes a dark yellow color. His wolf has taken over. Chance's parents stood off to the side, a smile on his father's face. Beside Chance was Ryan, who was staring blankly into the crowd. The bruise on his face was gone.

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