Chapter 5

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i've been bruised and i've been broken. 

can't believe that i have put up with all this pain. 

i've been used and i was choking on the promise 

i would never fall again


As soon as I had gotten home, I rushed upstairs and took a long shower. I then stood in front of my closet debating on what I should wear. I ended up picking a black dress and maroon cardigan that would go nice with my new thigh high boots. I quickly blow dried my hair so it was natural down my back. I decided to go light on makeup with only a bit of concealer, some eyeshadow, and mascara. Once I looked decent enough, I grabbed my purse.

When I was certain I had everything I needed, I went downstairs and in to the kitchen where my grandma and mom were at.

"You looked beautiful tonight," My mom said, putting the spoon down and looking at me. "Where are you going?"

I sat down at the counter and stole a piece of cheese from the plate my grandma had. "I'm going out to dinner tonight with someone."

My mom raised one eyebrow and gave me a suggestive look. "Oh, honey this is great. I'm so happy you are making friends."

I smiled and before I could respond, the door bell rung. I checked my phone and saw the Chance had texted me fifteen minutes ago saying he was on his way. I started walking to the door and said, "That must be him."

I saw my dad mouth the word 'him' to my mom and she just gave him a small smile. My mom followed me to the door and when I opened it, she took a deep breath.

"What's wrong?" I said, confused as to why she was so shocked to see Chance at the door.

My mom bowed her head and suddenly, I was really embarrassed with my family. What the fuck was she doing? When I turned around, my grandparents and dad were doing the same thing. "Why are you bowing your heads? What is wrong with you guys?"

My grandma looked nervous and wouldn't even look Chance in the eyes. "How do you know Chance?"

"We met at the market the other day and he asked me out to dinner. Why? Is something wrong? He said he knows you guys."

My mom didn't' say anything but my grandma did nod her head, agreeing with what I was saying. "Yes, we do know him. It is just a surprise that you had met him."

"Yeah, is this a problem?" I asked, getting a little frustrated with my family. I also felt sort of bad because Chance was still standing on my porch, not saying a word. He probably regrets asking me out to dinner and thinks I'm crazy.

My mom shook her head. "It's not a problem, honey. Just be careful."

I looked up and saw Chance was looking at me and I felt everything inside of my melt. He gave me a small smile and then looked at my mom. "I'll have her home by midnight, if that's okay Mrs. Scotts."

My mom seemed hesitant at first but before she could refute, she nodded. Damn straight she was nodding. I'm almost twenty, I don't need a curfew but it was nice of Chance to even ask about one. "That's fine, Chance. She doesn't have a curfew but I don't want her out too late since she is new to this town," I smiled at my mom and she looked at me, a small smile also adorning her face, "Bailey, I love you and have fun but just not too much fun because last time that happened with your father and I we en-"

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