Chapter 12

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hello, it's me. 

i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet...


Chance's eyes met mine. He was breathing heavy and I suddenly felt like running. Hannah bowed her head, her wolf going into submission. Chance looked like a very scary, angry Alpha and my wolf wanted me to submit too but she damn well knew that I would never. Chance stormed over to us, Beta Ryan right behind him.

"Get up." Chance growled, his eyes flashing between gold and his bright blue eyes.

"No." I said, breaking eye contact with me. If looks could kill, I would be very dead right now.

"Yes, or I will take you by force."

Hannah was already walking out of the diner with her mate, her head down. Ryan was beyond pissed, walking really fast and basically dragging her along with him.

"Are you even listening to me?"

Don't respond. My wolf said, knowing how angry Chance and his wolf are.


So, so stupid.

I scoffed and I guess Chance thought I was doing that to him because he growled even louder and went to grab me but I dodged his hands. I quickly slid out of my seat and ran for the door, my wolf telling me that I was being stupid and that I should go back and calm him down before he shifts in the diner. Good thing this diner is run by mostly werewolves.

Knowing Chance was hot on my heels, I shifted as soon as I got outside and ran into the woods. It hurt a little and I winced, not liking the feeling but I bit my tongue and let the shift take control of my body. My wolf wanted full control of her body but I knew if I did that, she would stop and go back to Chance and I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't let him think he won this round or let him think it's okay to boss me around and act like he owns me. It's 2015, this shit doesn't happen anymore.

I didn't date turn around because I knew that would only slow me down. I felt a nip on my tail and I yelped, putting more pep into my step. I ran as fast as I could go and I ran until I felt the burning sensation in my hind legs and my breathing start to become uneven. When I thought I had a really good distance from Chance, another wolf came out from the bushes and charged into my side. We both tumbled to the ground, the wolf pinning me. I whimpered, feeling pain shoot up my back. The wolf snapped his teeth at me and his mouth went to my neck, ready to bite me. I had no fighting skills in wolf form but I did know every mans weakness. I kicked my hindlegs out and hit him in a not so good place but instead of that getting him off of me, it only made him angrier.

The wolf pinned my further into the grass and I knew this was it, he was stronger than. Chance wouldn't let me practice fighting in my wolf form because he was scared, I get hurt. I'm going to die and this is going to be all his fault.

Before the wolf could kill me, Chance's steel black wolf jumped onto him. Chance growled, barring his teeth and the other wolf did the same thing. They circled one another until Chance charged at him a ripped his neck apart, blood pouring out everywhere and killing the other wolf instantly.,

I sat back on my hind legs, nursing my front paw. Chance walked over to me, the fight long gone from his eyes and licked my paw. Are you okay?

No, I said back. Chance licked the side of my face and then continued to lick my paw. I purred, the feeling being soothing.

Chance lowered his head and nudged his head into my neck. I'm so unbelievably mad at you but I'm also worried about you too. Let's go home and get you looked at.

Chance began walking and I limped, learning up against Chance's body so I could walk a little better.


"What happened back there?"

I was clearly frustrated, the monitors next to me were beeping like crazy. We were at the pack doctor's office and she said I had a broken foot. She only wrapped it up and told me to stay off of it because within 24 hours, it will be completely healed.

"You tell me! You're the one that ran off again."

I huffed. "I was bored, Chance. You keep me locked up here like I'm a prisoner and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of you thinking I'm some weak little girl. I don't need you!"

Chance was screaming at me. "Weak? You almost got yourself fucking killed back there if I hadn't shown up!"

I was getting angrier with each word that was being said. People ended up leaving the office, afraid that there Luna and Alpha are fighting. "I wouldn't be so weak if you actually let me start training with everyone else here! What if you weren't there? What if I was wondering around by myself? I need to learn to protect myself because you won't always be there. You're so goddamn annoying. I don't even want to look at you. Go and fuck yourself."

Chance rubbed his face with his hand. "Fine, you start training on Monday at nine in the morning with everyone else. I don't care if you get hurt. You're not ready."

Ouch. "Whatever. I'm done with you and this entire werewolf life. What the fuck is a rouge anyway?"

Chance sighed and stood up from the chair he was sitting in. "A werewolf who was most likely exiled from their pack, lost their mate, or ran away. Rouges without guidance tend to go a little crazy. Never talk or look at one and if you ever smell one, run. They're dangerous."

"Alright, whatever. Just get out of my face."

Chance growled and turned around. He left my room and slammed the door shut behind him. Even though he couldn't see, I stuck my middle finger up at the door and stuck my tongue out. Fuck him.


It had been three days since the incident. I was fine and everything was haled up. Chance told me the barbeque, or the Meeting of the Luna, would be in a few days. Chance had said that he couldn't keep holding this off for any longer.

Today, I would be training with the other newly shifted wolves. I would be the oldest since everyone shifts when they're younger. Chance said I would be with sixteen-year old's. He leads the classes as well as Ryan, Chance's beta.

I dressed myself in black shorts, sneakers, and a bright red sports bra. I pushed my hair back into a tiny pony tail. I looked at the time and saw it was 8:55 so I quickly grabbed my duffel bag that had a few water bottles and a small towel inside and then ran out the pack house door.

I walked into the training building and I could tell I was the last one to show up. The door slammed shut behind me and everyone turned around to look at me. Chance had a scowl on his face. "You're late."

I looked at my watch and then looked at Chance. "Actually, I'm not. Class doesn't start until nine and it's only 8:58."

I heard some people snicker and Chance just shook his head and turned around back to the group. "So, today we're going to learn how to punch correctly. There are some instances where you can't fight in your wolf form so it's always best to know how to fight while a human. Next week we will all be in our wolf forms and learn how to fight like that. I'll show you some moves and then we'll pair off and do some hands-on combat."

Chance started taking his shirt off and revealed a very nice six pack. I might not like Chance but damn do I love his body.

This is going to be a long class. 


Song: Hello by Adele

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