Chapter 14

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i wanna write you a song, 

one as beautiful as you are sweet


Chance had left me alone for a few hours. I had been laying in my bed staring at the ceiling when I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door. I could smell Chance and I groaned, not wanting to talk to him or really anyone at the moment. Chance knocked again and I huffed, standing up from my bed and wiping at my eyes, trying to hide the fact that I was crying. I looked in my mirror and cringed, my cheeks were blotchy and my eyes were bloodshot. I honestly didn't care what I looked like to Chance and opened my door. I didn't make eye contact with Chane and just went back to laying in my bed.

"What do you want?" I whispered, my face to the wall and my back-facing Chance.

I heard my door shut and felt the bed dip a bit. "Do you want to tell me what happened down there?"

I mumbled into my pillow, "No."

Chance sighed. "It was sort of a rhetorical question, Bailey."

I turned around to face Chance and looked at him. "You asked me a question so how am I supposed to know if you wanted an answer or not?"

Chance growled and I groaned. "Why do you have to make everything so goddamn difficult all the time?"

"Why do you always have to growl at me?"

Chance cracked a small smile and then it disappeared. "Can you please give me some sort of explanation? My wolf is going crazy knowing that someone had hurt his mate, please calm him down."

I felt my heart sink a little because Chance doesn't care about me at all. It shouldn't hurt but it does. "It started freshman year. There was this senior that was interested in me. I was about to turn fifteen and he was eighteen at the time. I didn't really think it was a problem. I was shocked that someone actually liked him. I was short with long curly hair and still wearing my retainers. I didn't have many friends. My friends thought this was a prank because how could a popular senior like a little freshman like me? I didn't want to believe them because he was actually nice to me. I did whatever he asked me to do. I loved all the attention he was giving me, even though he told me it would be our little secret. After the summer going into my sophomore year, everything changed."

I stood up from my bed, not wanting to look at Chance anymore. He was giving me the look everyone gave me when they found out what had happened to me. I didn't need the pity look, especially from him. I walked over to my vanity and sat down at the chair, staring at my hands. Chance finally spoke. "How did things change?"

I looked at the pictures on my mirror, smiling at the memories from high school and sort of missing my friends that I ended up cutting off. "I guess I finally went through puberty. I stopped wearing my retainers, I got contacts and I finally grew a few inches. I did my makeup and I straightened my hair. I was still with that guy even though now he was in college. He told he actually did start talking to me on a bet and ended up liking me in the end. I was almost sixteen now and he was nineteen in college. I was so naïve and I ignored my friends and their input on him but damn should I have listened to them."

I took a deep breath, the next part of the story being the hardest for me to tell. "It was the middle of my sophomore year and he got me drunk at a college party and he had sex with me. I woke up the next day being really sore and there was a tiny bit of blood on the bed sheets. He was asleep next to me. I asked him what happened and he said we had sex and I had consented and the blood was normal. I remembered bits and pieces of that night. I remember fighting him and screaming but he told me that I wanted this and that if I had sex with him, I would be the most popular person ever. I was so stupid."

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