Chapter 10

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A burning sensation was crawling its way up my spine and down my arms. My back was arched off the bed, my screams of agony filling the air. I could physically feel my bones shifting and cracking. I felt like I was dying.

"Chance! I have my pack doctor. This is Ross, he can help her."

I couldn't speak. I couldn't move, hell I could barely breathe. Everything was a blur and I swear I was seeing two of Chance. My heart was hammering and sweat was dripping off of my body. I clenched the bed sheets, trying to relieve the pain in anyway possible, but nothing was working.

"What can you do for her?" Chance asked, worry in his voice. It actually sounded like he was worried about me when he always made it seem like it was his wolf that only cared about me, not him.

I heard some shuffling. "I can sedate her for a bit, not to knock her out but to help numb the pain a bit. She-wolves usually shift at sixteen, not twenty. If I don't numb the pain, she'll most likely die. She has a twenty percent chance of even living from shifting this late in life. Why is she shifting this late anyway? I need some background information to know what I'm dealing with here because this isn't' something I see every day."

Chance cursed loudly and I felt the bed dip a bit. "Her mom is a human and her dad is a wolf. We never knew if she was going to shift and then she met me and since I'm an Alpha, the legend says that the dominant wolf gene will come out and she'll end up shifting. She was showing all the sign. She wasn't supposed to shift until the full moon, isn't this a little early?"

Ross said something that I couldn't make out and then placed his head on my forehead and cursed loudly. "Just another reason for this to be deadly. It's very uncommon for the wolf gene to just come out, unless you're an Alpha but it's also very uncommon for a human to be mated to an Alpha. I recommend getting her outside and into the clearing where the others usually shift for the first time. She's going to need a lot of room to fully shift. Her wolf will be bigger than the average young wolf since she's older now. Since she's also a Luna, her wolf will be bigger than the average adult wolf. Chance, please carry her outside for me. I don't have the strength like I used to."

I felt hands grabbing me. I shouted in more pain but as soon as Chance's hands touched my burning skin, the pain dulled a little bit. It was like his touch was slowly numbing the pain. I sighed, opening m eyes and still finding it to be blurry.

We made it outside within minutes, the moon high above us. Ross came over to me and took my temperature and then injected me with more of the sedative. "With the moon almost at its peak, though not a full moon, she should still be starting the transformation. Chance, step back. I know this is hurting you as well but you must know, with being an Alpha, you cannot interfere at all. She is in the Moon Goddess' hands now."

As soon as Chance's hands left my body, it felt like something snapped inside of me. My back arched again an I was able to sit up a little bit. My bones were cracking again, falling into the place of a wolf's posture and then I was on my hands and knees. My hands sprouted into paws, my skin turning to fur. I shook, a tail erupting from my back end and a snout going into the place of where my nose should have been.

Within a few minutes, I fell back down. My legs were shaky and I fell to the ground, a whimper escaping from my lips. Looking down, I saw silver and black fur and large paws. When I looked back up, I saw Holden and Ross both smiling but I didn't see Chance standing next to them. Suddenly, a howl was heard and Ross and Holden both turned and went back into the pack house.

I looked back into the woods and saw a steel black wolf coming towards me and I could feel my breath hitching. The same black wolf I visited back at home in the woods every day. I knew this was Chance from when he shifted that night, we went to dinner but this made it even more real. He was beautiful and breathtaking and he was my wolf. Chance and I had known each other for a long time now. I whimpered, trying to stand up.

Chance walked over to me, nudging me with his snout. He put his head under my belly and lifted me up, helping me stand up. I was still a little shaking on these new legs.

You'll get used to standing on all fours. The transformation from a human to wolf will hurt the first few times you do it. Your body has to get used to this. God, your so beautiful.

I stepped back, wondering how he could speak to me like that, in my mind. Chance bowed his head. If you think of me in your head, you can voice your thoughts to me. It takes some practice but soon you won't even have to think of what I look like to speak to me. Once you're initiated into the pack, you'll be able to communicate like this to any pack member, human or wolf form. Has she spoken to you yet?

If I was a human, I would have frowned. I thought of what Chance said and thought of him. Okay, this is so weird. Who are you asking that spoke to me?

Chance's laughter made its way into my head. Your wolf, silly.

I shook my giant head. No, I only hear you.

Chance looked over me. He was a good foot taller than me, just like in human form. I think she's talking to my wolf right now. They can communicate to each other but we can't hear them. She'll make an appearance and she'll let you know what she wants or what she is feeling. She's basically a second you. She'll inform you when she's angry or sad or wants to go for a run in her wolf form.

I sat down. Go for a run?

Chance nudged my side, making me fall over. Yes, a run. Follow me.

And then, he was running into the woods. I started trotting behind him until I felt comfortable enough to run. I ran as fast I could, slowly catching up to him. I nudged his side and ran a little harder which ended with me passing him. He was behind me and nipped my tail. I yelped, and stuck my tongue out

Chance passed me again and stopped at a clearing. There was a cliff and a city was below the cliff with houses and twinkling lights. Looking up, I saw the stars and the moon and I think I fell in love with the nature around me. The stars were beautiful and shining brightly above the both of us. It was so peaceful and everything I could have ever dreamed of.

Chance laid down on the ground, resting his head on top of his paws. I carefully walked over to him and laid down next to him. I rested my head on his back, loving the warmth he was radiating off of him. He shifted a little bit, letting me curl up into his side. I hummed and he purred, licking the side of my face. For once, it felt nice not yelling at Chance or hating his guts.

With a smile in my head, I fell asleep.


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