Chapter One: Family Origins

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Chapter One: Family Origins


I, Natalya (Na-ta-lee-ya) Andrea (Ann-dray-ya) Ascelyn (A-se-lin), daughter of Grant and Isabella Ascelyn, and sister of prince guard Alaric Ascelyn was eighteen years of age now.

Which meant that it was my turn to contribute something meaningful to the family tree.

My parents were honourable and loyal individuals but somehow had kept our family secret, a secret, for so long.

And although they were very well-known by almost everyone in the region Icilia, no one had found out yet.

The secret that ran in our family tree could be shared, but, only at the cost of death.

You must be eager to find out what the secret is, well I'll tell you.

My greatest grandmother was born with special blood, pure blood.

Purebloods had always been known to be unique and powerful. My greatest grandmother was more powerful than you could ever imagine... If she was still alive, she could honestly wipe out the entire realm of Asten.

Well, moving on, my greatest grandmother had children who had children who had children... until the cycle reached my parents who had me and my older brother Alaric.

Her genes passed through everyone, however, that didn't make us all purebloods, we just inherited some of her many powers. My mother had the ability to control water and heal others, and my brother could strike lightning and teleport.

Father was born a normal human.

My powers, however, hadn't triggered yet and I was starting to think they never would. They should have kicked in when I turned the age of sixteen, but they didn't...

Now, the reason we kept the secret of our family origins was obvious. The only people who wanted to remain in power were the royals who had royal blood. The royal blood they had was scary-fascinating. Each of the royals had special abilities because of it.

The Royals were vampires and vampires had overthrown us, humans, a very long time ago, they basically ran this world. I am human so I was worthless in their eyes.

There were still a widespread number of humans alive in this world, but all under the power of vampires.

My parents were human as well, but unfortunately, my brother was turned into a vampire by the princess two years ago when he began to serve as the prince's guard.

I haven't seen my brother, who is two years older than me, in two and a half years...

Anyway, the royals each had their own powers like our family but, I must clarify, from a completely different bloodline.

The King could control the earth, every inch of it like the tectonic plates. The Queen was not originally born with royal blood; she was just a very strong female vampire. The prince could control you, your every touch and thought and make you do things you didn't want to do, and the princess could hurt a person without even having to lay a finger on them.

As you can tell the Royals are quite undefeatable and I was sure they'd be ruling for the next century; the Royals had won many wars against other realms, so there was no denying it.

If the Royals or anyone found out that my family and I were as powerful and mighty as them because of our blood, they'd have our heads as well as everyone who had ever interacted with us' heads too.

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