Zodiac Sign

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The Signs as Classes

Aries: Gym// cause you're so
freaking energetic and it's

Taurus: History// you're
careful in not making the same
mistakes again, just like

Gemini: Art// your so freaking
creative and inspiring.

Cancer: Photography//
remembering everything in a
photographic memory.

Leo: Chemistry// you know when
you kinda like blow stuff up in
Chem? That's your specialty and
it's amazing.

Virgo: Honors English//
everything in your speech is

Libra: Debate// you're able to
get your point across because
you know you're right.

Scorpio: Music Class// how do
you know everything about
music?!?? And how do you make
it so meaningful??

Sagittarius: Wood Shop// you're
able to make almost anything
with your hands and I can
barely understand how my hands

Capricorn: Psychics// defying
logic with every step you take.

Aquarius: Dramatic Literature//
the stories you tell that have
so much more behind them.

Pisces: Foreign Language//
beautiful and difficult all in

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