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Zodiac Sign

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The signs as things(long)

Aries: paint on your fingers, dirty converse,
messy rooms, the feeling of getting a new
record, loud music in cars, lying on floors,
the stress of forgetting something until the
last minute.

Taurus: leather jackets, coffee candies,
white vans, making cookies late at night,
matte nail polish, not responding to texts,
falling asleep on your bed in the middle of
a cold day.

Gemini: sunlight shinning in through
windows, frozen yogurt, new clothes,
harsh words, blue rooms, needing to have
a say in things, endless conversations, hot

Cancer: sweet perfume, light pink
dogwood trees, cozy sweatshirts, long
hugs, spring nights, crying alone in
bathrooms, tiled kitchen floors, listening to
music while it's raining.

Leo: yellow watering cans, bonfires at
night, pale skin, the feeling of belonging,
looking into the mirror, endless playlists, cute
outfits, laughing, wind in hair, writing in

Virgo: stacks of books, cute plants, future
plans, swimming in the morning, the
feeling when you know something is out of
place, clean carpets, deep breaths in cold

Libra: long hair, cold shower, fresh fruit on a
summer day, letting all of your opinions be
known, fooling around in public with your
best friends, thrift shops, open windows

Scorpio: dark movie theaters, all black
converse, unfinished conversations, navy
flannels, sexual jokes, chipped nails, not
letting people in, bare feet on cool/wet

Sagittarius: running on a cold night,
looking up at the stars, watching the world
from a window of an airplane, sitting in
cafes, making decisions and assuming
they don't have consequences.

Capricorn: straight hair, the feeling after a
post-concert shower, dark nail polish,
puppies&kittens, organized lockers, letting
your friends determine who you are.

Aquarius: illegal drugs, empty houses,
dreams that swallow up your tiny town, big
cities, accepting failure, being withdrawn,
concert lights, looking up at clouds,

Pisces: overcrowded rooms, never having
plans/doing things on a whim, being loved
by everyone, the feeling when you know
someone isn't listening, music while
walking on sidewalks.

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