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The signs when the teacher calls on them

Aries: has headphones in and doesn't hear them
Taurus: waking up from their nap "what?"
Gemini: "what was the question again, I wasn't paying attention?"
Cancer: thinking about everything besides the class"oh I don't know"
Leo: looking up from their phone "what do you want?"
Virgo: guesses a random answer and gets it right then plays it off like they totally knew it
Libra: doesn't hear because they're talking to their friend
Scorpio: slowly rolls their eyes and answers the question
Sagittarius: "I wasn't even raising my hand"
Capricorn: answers the question and gets a little too excited if its the correct answer
Aquarius: says "um" a million times before saying the answer
Pisces: says the answer then goes back to doodling on the desk or their hand

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