Zodiac Sign

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The signs and their lucky colours

Aries: Red, Coral, Bright Pink, White
Taurus: Brown, Russett, Green, Turquoise
Gemini: Peach, Yellow, Light Blue
Cancer: Light Emerald, Silver, Pale Purple, Pale Yellow
Leo: Gold, Royal Purple, Orange
Virgo: Pale Green, Grey, Beige, Lilac
Libra: Ivory, White, Pink, Turquoise
Scorpio: Scarlett Red, Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green
Sagittarius: Ultramarine Blue, Tan, Magenta, Orange, Colbat Blue
Capricorn: Chocolate Brown, Royal and Navy Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Black
Aquarius: Silver, Aqua, Purple, Electric Pink and Blue
Pisces: Pale Green, Purple, Rose, Grey-Blue, Lilac, Violet

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