Zodiac Sign

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Why you're single

Aries: You're loud and scary and it makes people uncomfortable.
Taurus: Will you ever love someone as much as food? No.
Gemini: People can't seem to take you seriously.
Cancer: You are way too guarded and isolate yourself.
Leo: You're looking for someone who will love you more than you love yourself which is hard to find.
Virgo: You're shy as heck which sometimes gives off the wrong impression.
Libra: You!!! Flirt!!! With!!! Everyone!!!!!!
Scorpio: You intimidate the shit out of people.
Sagittarius: You're a player and people don't wanna get seriously involved.
Capricorn: You never really smile and look scary a lot.
Aquarius: Seems unapproachable.
Pisces: You don't know how to compose yourself and giggle too much which scares people. Are you laughing at them?

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