Zodiac Sign

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Best Characteristics

Aries: excuse me but your eyebrows are flawless, your hair too.
Taurus: Taurus naturally tend to have a really sexy body (lol)
Gemini: your eyes and your laugh
Cancer: your cute lil' smile
Leo: your teeth be brighter than my future and you have a nice sporty butt aye
Virgo: your hair is just amazing and your smile can kill
Libra: very cute nose and long eyelashes
Scorpio: your eyes can charm and seduce someone in less than a second
Sagittarius: you're tall and really bright and warm, your face is very detailed
Capricorn: very cute and smiley, you have flawless skin
Aquarius: your eyes are so bright and pretty and your laugh is music to my ears
Pisces: your butt is amazing, it's beautiful it's mesmerizing

A/N: idk why but I laughed so hard at some of these

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