Question Series #5

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Hey!!!! Okay holy crap this book has over 30K reads!!!!!! I'm crying so much right now. I just wanted to apologize also because I didn't update for almost a week.

It was because my cousins were in town and I only see them like twice a year so I was really busy. But thank you thank you thank you for the support this book has been given.

I love reading your comments and laughing because I agree too. So I think this will be the last Question Series for a while, I'll announce the winner in one of the chapters coming up. Probably in like 10 chapters.

Don't know if you read any of the that, because you probably just wanna know the winner.....

Last Question...

"Would you help someone who doesn't feel good about themselves, or deals with depression, anxiety, etc? If so, what's the best advice you would give to that person?"

And the winner is......(drum roll pleeeeewwwaasseeee)

----@Dakota1991 !!!!----

Your answer was truly inspiring and I loved it a lot, so thank you for everyone who participated, I try to pick a new person everytime, and if you haven't been picked, I'm sorry I love you and I'll buy you pizza;)

Okay so if you read what I wrote ^^ at the top, this is the last Question Series for a while but I'll announce the winner of this question soon.

So the next question is...

"Describe your own version of happiness. What's it like, paint me a picture or tell me a story. I wanna know more about you."

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