Zodiac Sign

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Signs as types of Best Friends

Aries: the most fun best friend ever. Will tell
you when you mess up but help you pick up the pieces.

Taurus: the most chill person. Wants to do things
but not like super insane things. Lots of fun to sit
and watch Netflix with.

Gemini: they may not know how to deal with your
emotions, but they will be there for you no matter
what and make you laugh. Always down for
anything and get you involved with some crazy shit.

Cancer: they are super fun and love having a good
time, but always makes sure that everyone is involved.

Leo: becomes your older sibling. Teaches you everything
they know(they know a lot) and helps you through
everything. Down to do anything really.

Virgo: basically your parents favourite child, and they
aren't even related. Literally perfection and amazing
but with you they are their real true selves. Trust you
with everything.

Libra: somehow knows every single person in the
school. Talks to everyone but only talks about deep
stuff with you. Will take you to the wildest parties.

Scorpio: takes super long to get close to. Will only
share what they want to share. Backs out of things
that are planned sometimes. Hides that they're
scared even though you know the truth.

Sagittarius: there for you 24/7. Constantly
talking to you, you never get sick of each other.
Plan to do the craziest shit together and always
follow through.

Capricorn: hella fun to be around. Somehow knows
the coolest places to take you. Super trustworthy so
they know absolutely everything about you.

Aquarius: takes you out on the coolest adventures.
You're best friends but sometimes you don't know
where you stand with each other. So much fun
to be around.

Pisces: cares about you more than anybody else.
Basically becomes your sibling and is amazing
in every single way.

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