Zodiac Sign

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12 Rules Around the Signs

DON'T stop an Aries
DON'T rush a Taurus
DON'T upset a Gemini
DON'T underestimate a Cancer
DON'T ignore a Leo
DON'T EVEN with a Virgo. Just. Don't
DON'T tell a Libra what to do
DON'T lie to a Scorpio
DON'T stress out a Sagittarius
DON'T bore a Capricorn
DON'T be around Aquarius if you lack compassion
DON'T be fake around Pisces

A/N; DON'T. Anyway, if you guys don't follow me, you probably didn't see the messages I write. First if all I don't take and will never take these reads and votes and comments for granted, I literally cry everytime I check. But what I want to say was sorry for not updating much, it's the last week of school before Christmas Break so I have been so stressed, hope you can understand if I don't update everyday:)))

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