Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Samuel's P.O.V.

"Hello my beautiful boys."  Catherine greeted us as she walked in and kissed each of us on the head.  "Hey mum."  I replied, Nathan merely waved.  "What'd you boys get up to today?"  My mother asked curiously.  I thought about the bedroom.  The bathroom.  The lounge.  The dining room.  The kitchen.  Oh good memories.  "Nothing much actually;  what about you?"  I asked in a curious tone.  "Well I have a work dinner that I'm hosting tonight so...I hope you boys don't mind."  My mother said in a sweet tone.

"Of course  we don't."  Nathan replied enthusiastically.  "Who's coming?"  He asked.  Mum placed her workbag in the office and made her way back into the lounge.  "Oh just a few adults and some kids."  Catherine replied coyly.  "Oh good;  I like kids."  Nathan replied, his red cheeks exaggerating his cuteness.  "Good good...because yous are baby sitting while me and the mums go out to dinner.  Okay thanks."  My mother replied and made her way hurriedly down the hallway towards her bedroom.

"Well I guess we're baby sitting tonight."  I said aloud and huffed in annoyance.  "I hope they're not teenagers because I can do without that."  I said to Nathan who took his attention away from the T.V.  "What's wrong with teenagers;  we're teenagers."  Nathan pointed out obviously.  "Yeah I know that...but I mean like 13 year olds.  Because they're kind of...horny and rude and stuff."  I reminded him, he nodded.  "Oh yeah;  and you're totally not horny.  I mean 8 times in 1 day is totally normal."  He replied cheekily.


"Hello.  Come in come in."  My mother instructed to her guests who made their way through the front door and into the dining room.  1 brunette woman and 1 black haired woman entered with 3 and 2 children trailing eagerly behind them.  "Come on boys.  Introduce yourself!"  My mother commanded.  I sighed and made my way over to the front door to greet our guests.  One of the babies fell over onto my foot and started hugging it.

"I think she likes you."  The brunette woman said ecstatically;  I blushed lightly and shook my leg to get her off of me.  My soft nudge failed and she continued to cling tightly to my leg.  "Well we'll get going;  put the kids to bed and don't let them stay up to late."  My mother commanded strictly, I sighed but nodded obliginly and closed the door behind her.

"Hello you 5 lovely-"  I stopped mid sentence and counted silently in my head.  " of the kids is kind of missing."  I said calmly, but my heart beat betrayed me and started pounding rapidly.  "Okay guys."  I said to the kids and teen to attract their attention.  "We're going to play a game called find the fifth child and then you can have a chocolate bar;  here's how it's going to go;  you find the 5th child and I'll give you ALL chocolate!"  I said with fake enthusiasm.  "NOW GO!"  I commanded and sat down.


"Good job guys!"  I congratulated them and hand them each a snickers bar.  They all take it delightedly.  "Okay;  well.  Let's give you all names so I don't mix you up. can be number 1.  You can be number 2.  You're number 3.  You're number 4, and you're number 5."  I commanded to the children while patting them on the head.

"I don't need a number;  you can just remember me as Baily."  The eldest of the children replied confident.  His height and voice indicates he's older then the other children by quite a lot of years.  He's actually the only one that's not wearing a nappy.  "Oh;  and why should you not be more special then the rest."  I asked curiously with a calm tone, a cheeky smirk made its way onto his face.

"Because I'm cool and I have a girlfriend and I prick all of the girls.."  He boasted arrogantly.  Nathan laughed at him.  His chubby cheeks frowned a little and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.  "What?"  The little kid asked confusedly and started to redden slightly.  "You...with a girlfriend...I can't even."  Nathan replied and cracked up laughing, I joined him and soon the confident kid faded away and replaced himself with a shy self-conscious.

"YOU'RE SO MEAN!"  He screamed towards us and started to run away.  The little girl looked up towards me with big blue eyes and crawled towards my leg to hug it again.  "I'll go see if he's alright."  Nathan said and started making his  way down the corridor.

"SO...what do you guys want to do?"  I asked towards the babies sitting on the floor.  Saliva dribbled out of one of the babies mouths, I cringed internally and sighed aloud.  "No suggestions.  None at all.  Well how about Dora?  Dora the explorer."  I asked enthusiastically.  They all started to cheer in goo goo's and ga ga's.  "Good."  I said aloud and reached for the remote.


We all know that 1 annoying and arrogant kid called Baily -_-

Hope yous enjoyed the chapter :D


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