Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Nathan's P.O.V.
Hello my lovely readers.  They do some dirty thing in this chapter like...spill oil through rubbish and stuff.  So if you want your mind to remain clean, please skip this chapter ;)

We headed out of the three themed room and entered the car.  I slid in the passengers side and waited for Samuel.  He entered a few seconds later and slipped in swiftly.  He slid the key into its little metallic hole and the car started to vibrate.

"I'm so tired."  I complained and leaned my head back against the head rest.  "Go to sleep, and when you wake up we'll be home."  Samuel instructed.  I complied happily and let my eyelids seal together.  A soft silence lingered around me and I drifted off to sleep.


The car stopped and I heard the vibrating come to a holt.  I kept my eyes shut and let the warmth of the car warm me.  I moaned slightly as two arms wrapped around my torso.  I let my left eye slip open slightly and closed it as the warm sun pierced  at me.

I curled inwards and sniffed in a familiar scent.  Samuel's sweet cologne drifted into my nostrils and sent me into bliss.  I heard a squeak and identified the front door as we walked through.  I heard soft pattering as we walked up the staircase.

Samuel's strong embrace released from me and I rolled onto my familiar bed.  I opened my eyes and watched him turn his back to me and head towards the door.  "wait."  I whispered faintly;  he stopped and turned around slowly.  His face looked worried and he retraced his steps back to stand beside my bed.

"Sorry.  I didn't mean to wake you;  I thought you would stay asleep."  Samuel apologized awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.  "Come lay down with me."  I suggested while rubbing the side of the bed beside me.  Samuel stood there contemplating his decision and decided to lie down next to me.

He walked over and lay down beside me.  His scent lingered as he lay down and kissed at my nostrils.  "You smell nice."  I thought to myself.  "What?"  He asked in a confused tone and I opened my eyes realising I said my comment aloud.  "I thought I said that in my head."  I admitted embarrassed and curled my head into his chest.  He wrapped his arms around me.  His chest vibrated as he laughed.

"I love you."  He repeated once again;  his constant reminders sending butterflies to my chest.  I giggled lightly.  "Love you to."  I replied back to him and felt his sigh of relief travel down my neck.

"Hey Samuel."  I said in a suggesting tone.  He mumbled in return to acknowledge he heard me.  "I think I'm ready to finish what I started."  I told him and slid my hand up his shirt.  "mmm."  He moaned delicately while I rubbed my hand up and down his abs, his bumpy skin rolling smoothly under my skin.

"Are you sure you want to finish what you started?"  Samuel asked me while pulling his shirt up over his chest and revealing his slightly hairy chest.  Two pink nipples connected themselves to his skin and stuck up excitedly.  "Yes."  I replied confidently and started unbuckling my jeans.


"Wow!"  I said while pulling the blanket up over my chest.  "Yeah;  wow."  Samuel replied while we lay down in the bed panting.  I sighed and let my eyes roll back into my head.  "I definitely wasn't ready for that...but that"  I repeated again and sighed.

"I need a shower."  Samuel said aloud and pulled the blankets off him to reveal his beautiful skin.  He pushed himself off of the bed and his cheeks bounced as he made his way into my ensuite.  The sound of  water crashing against metal filled the air and a soft white mist flowed from the ensuite.

"You want to shower with me?"  Samuel asked and poked his head out the window.  I wondered about my decision and decided to get rid of Samuel's sweet scent on me.  "Sure."  I replied and headed towards the ensuite naked.

I entered the steamy room and shut the door behind me.  I flicked the fan switch on and soon it started sucking the steam out of the room.  I walked towards Samuel who pulled me closer and wrapped his hands around my ass.  "I love your touch.  I love your smile.  I love you."  He whispered and crashed his lips down on me.  "Thank babe."  I whispered to him and we made our way into the shower.

The hot water fell downwards onto us and I moaned in harmony.  Samuel rubbed his thumb over my lips and traced them with my finger.  "Your lips are cute.  Can they do more then be cute?"  Samuel asked in a seductive tone;  I nodded and started descending towards the ground.


I don't really want to write sercks  I won't...but yeah;  hope you all enjoyed the chapter ;)



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