Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Samuel's P.O.V.

"Fine run away then.  Don't come back!"  I screamed towards Nathan as he started running out the door.  A cool air lingered into the room as he left, along with a thick silence.  I walked towards the front door and peered out into the dark night;  the street lamps providing no help to spot Nathan.

"NATHAN!"  I called loudly, only receiving a few dog barks in response.  'Oh well.'  I thought silently to myself.  I walked into the kitchen and started washing the left over dishes from the day.  The goody goody gumdrops ice-cream container sat itself upon the counter and taunted me with the fact that Nathan touched it.

I finished the dishes and went into the now empty lounge.  The credits still continue to roll and tumble down the screen to fast for me to read them.  I reach for the remote and turn off the T.V.  the room plunges into darkness, the only light coming from the kitchen.

I walk towards the passage and flick the light switch.  The bright yellow light fills the passage way and I walk down towards my bedroom.  The white door opened inwards under my pressure and revealed my messy room;  multiple t-shirts decorate the floor, along with pants, socks, undies and shoes.

"Well...I have nothing else to do;  might as well clean."  I told myself and reached down to the floor to pick up the discarded items.


I opened my eyes and scanned the clean, tidy room.  The golden glow from the sun streamed through the window and illuminated the white wallpaper.  I got up and pulled the thick duvets off of me revealing my paling skin.  I walked to my mirror and smiled at my baby abs.  The little bumps under my ribcage providing much happiness.

I walked towards my bed and pulled the duvet across.  I folded the soft material under the mattress and pulled the end of the bed to straighten out the blanket.  Pleased with the end result I headed towards my wardrobe, picked out a t-shirt and headed towards my bedroom door.  It opened swiftly under my hand and revealed the passage way.

I walked down into the living room, the blanket Nathan and Jason used last night lay cascaded across the couch still;  not folded up.  I picked it up and performed a corner to corner fold.  I lay it tidily across the back of the couch and make my way into the kitchen.  Exactly the same.

I start packing away the dishes I washed from last night and put them back into their correct places.  I removed the dish rack from the counter and placed it in the cleaning draw, then wiped a cloth across the metallic bench to get rid of the residue.  "ahhh."  I sighed contently to myself;  happy with the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Something niggled inside of my stomach and I sighed knowing that Nathan's angry at me.  "Might as well go see if he's alright."  I told myself and started making my way out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.  Each step making me a little bit more dizzy.

I reached his door and knocked 3 times.  "Knock...knock...knock."  No reply came back from inside of the room and I felt sadness kiss my cheeks.  "Nathan I'm sorry about last-"  I stopped my sentence as I entered into the room and found emptiness, the bed still pristinely tidy and made.  I walked towards the ensuite and entered hopefully;  unfortunately all hope disappeared and I stared into an empty room.

I rushed to his wardrobe and luckily all his jerseys and jackets remained hanging on the hook.  I located his drawers and each one contained all his clothes again, I reached for my phone;  confused;  and selected Nathan in my contacts.

"Hello?"  Someone answered with a harsh rusty voice;  the masculine voice sounding almost scratchy.  "Where's Nathan?"  I asked in panic while trying to put a face to the mysterious voice.  "Who's this?"  The man on the other side of the phone asked.  "Samuel why?"  I replied back in confusion.  A beeping filled the other end of the phone signalling he'd hung up.  I gasped and chucked my phone towards the bed, it bounced off luckily and didn't crack.

"What to do, what to do, what to do?"  I asked myself multiple times while pacing Nathan's room.  I grabbed one of his singlets and hugged it tightly;  oh what I'd do to have him back in my arms.  "RING RING RING." The home phone rung and I rushed down stairs towards it.  I sprinted towards the white dial phone and looked at it worriedly.

I gulped before reaching my hand out and picking up the phone.  "Hello?"  I asked to the silent stranger on the other side.  My hand shook slightly as I waited for the reply.




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