Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

My mum left about 15 minutes after she came, apparently she had an important meeting of some sort and had to go urgently.  I didn't really mind that she was leaving though, because I know how important her job is to her, and at least she gave up the time to see me.

I lay in my bed in boredom as I observed my room, the pale grey walls offering no sort of support.

Suddenly the doors of my room were pushed open and Danny sprinted in.  His blond hair contrasting against his reddening cheeks.  His puffs of air slowed down as he neared my bed.

"Sammy."  He said as he looked me up and down.  His eyes glued to my cast.  "Are you alright?"  He asked.

I was interrupted before I could answer as two more people walked through the door.

Freddy's hair was instantly recognisable as it contrasted against the grey walls.  I also noticed Nathan walk in with a singlet and a towel over his shoulder.

"Nice cast."  Freddy said as him and Nathan walker over.  They both observed my cast as Freddy left Nathan and made his way to Danny's side.

"Oh Freddy we have that thing to do in the waiting room right now."  Danny said as he started dragging Freddy out of the room.   "What thing?"  I heard Freddy ask as he was escorted out the door.

The room went silent as they left and Nathan purposely avoided my eye contact.  "Lovely weather we're having isn't it?"  I asked as I tried to eliminate the awkwardness.  "Yeah."  He replied.

I watched as he made his way over to the side of the bed and sat down on the tableside chair.  "So haven't seen you lately."  My sentence only seemed to sadden him as he tilted his head down in sadness, his blond hair facing towards me.  "How's Catherine?"  He asked;  I barely heard him as he kept his head down.  "Oh;  she's...She's great...I guess."  I replied in confusion as I queried as to why he was thinking about my mum.

He stood up suddenly, his eyes red and wiped his eyes.  I noticed a slight bruise on his elbow and narrowed my eyes to see the purple mark.  "What happened to your arm?"  I asked in confusion as I thought about the amount of stinging it must be causing.  "Nothing."  He replied.  I suspected something was wrong but didn't say anything.

"Hey Nathan I'm really sorry."  My response seemed to puzzle him as he continued to stare at me with narrowed eyes.  "What for?"  He asked.  I looked into his eyes;  they seemed emotionless but I've seen happiness in them and it suits them much better.

"High school."  My reply was enough for him to understand.  "It's fine."  He replied casually as if it was no big deal.  "No it is a big deal!  I was cruel and I'm sorry because I... I... I love you!"  I released all my emotions through my reply and looked at Nathan, his eyes wide from shock.  "No!  No!  You can't do this.  You're not allowed.  Words are useless to me so n-o."  He replied in an adamant tone.

"I can prove that I love you."  I replied in confidence as I looked at him, he looked at me with a confused look in his eyes.  "How?"  He replied.  That was all I needed.

I pulled the cord that lead into my arm and felt the blue liquid flow into the bed.  I pushed myself up and twisted my body so that both of my legs hung over the bed.  I hopped off my bed with the aid of my arms and soon stood on the ground with one leg.

I watched Nathan's eyes widen as I hopped over to him.  He stepped backwards as I hopped near.  "I LOVE YOU NAT-"  Before I could finish off my sentence I felt gravity pulling me down and fell forwards onto Nathan.  "Aghhh."  I heard him groan as I hit his stomach.

He groaned as I lifted up my head.  "Sorry did I hurt you?"  I asked in concern as I got up off of him.  He lifted up his shirt and the view that I saw scared me.  There was a purple area that was turning yellow.  I gasped as my eyes widened in fear.  "Did I do that?  Shit shit shit I'm so sorry!"  I exclaimed as I felt my breathing become uneven.  "It wasn't you."  He said as I watched the tears form in his eyes.

"Then who was it?"  I demanded.  "My foster father."  I watched as he broke down, the held back tears no longer being held back as they flowed down his cheeks.  I shifted closer to him and slowly wrapped my arms around him.



This is so sad :(  I hate any type of abuse;  Please call the police if you know anyone with abuse issues;  or contact me via personal message,  I'll be here ;)

Btw thanks for getting my book ranked at #657th in Action ;)



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