Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Nathan's P.O.V.

I gulped and reached my hand over towards his thigh.  He jumped slightly in his seat.  "I love you to."  I replied to his statement, a cute smile made it's way onto his lips and he breathed a sigh of satisfaction.  "I'm hungry as well;  can we stop for something to eat?"  I asked curiously.  Samuel nodded and we turned into a café parking lot.

Bright red letters spelled out 'Bethany's Bakery;  Cameron's Café;  Ricky's Restaurant'  I processed the large title and entered the thin metallic doors.  My eyes bulged as I processed the 3 part room.  The room split itself in 3 by meeting at invisible lines.  The first 3rd of the room boasted yellow flooring and wallpaper and signalled it's bakery side by showcasing multiple pastries, breads, savouries and sweets.

The middle third clashed it's white floor tiles and wallpaper against the yellow to the left of it, and the red to the right of it.  It's white table cloths hanging off of the two tables it supplied.  The right third's red clashed strongly against the middle.  A diamond encrusted chandelier hung above the three tables on it's side, providing a dim light.  Dark velvet curtains hung off the wall and draped downwards towards the floor.

"Which one do you want to eat at?"  Samuel asked sheepishly as we scanned over the room.  "Ugh...the café."  I instructed while walking towards its counter.  The two other cashiers from either side of the room glared at me.  "Hello guys;  welcome to Cameron's café, how may I help you?"  The female cashier asked with a westerly accent.  "Um can I please have one of Cameron's chocolate covered croissant along with a cup of Cameron's chocolate caffeine."  I ordered while silently adding the prices up in my head.

"Um yep, can I have one of Cameron's caramel cheesecakes please."  Samuel ordered and pulled his debit card out of his pocket.  "That will be $17.50."  The cashier said with a smile.  I turned towards Samuel and pocked his arm.  "Samuel."  I whispered, he looked at me confused.  "I don't have my wallet on me."  I told him embarrassed.  "That's alright;  I'll pay for you."  He said like it was no big deal.  I walked behind him and wrapped my arms around his torso, he stiffened slightly.

I released him and we made our way towards the table with our orders.  A sweet scent lingered out of the paper bag that withheld my sweet delight from me.  I took it out hurriedly and started eating it instantly.  I took a sip of the hot chocolate and let the smooth warm liquid drip down my throat.   "mmmm."  I moaned in delight.  Samuel smiled as he ate his food.

A squeak indicated the door opened and I turned my head around to see a man with ripped jeans and a loose white singlet.  My eyes stopped on him for a while and scanned him up and down.  He looked towards me and his eyes scanned me up and down as well, almost as if we knew each other.  "Pssst."  I whispered to Samuel who stopped his munching and looked towards me.

"I think that man behind me was at the hotel room I went to last night."  I said to him.  He looked the man up and down suspiciously.  "I have to go toilet.  Be right back."  I said to Samuel and walked steadily towards the white door with a blue man on it.


Samuel's P.O.V.

"I have to go toilet. Be right back."  Nathan informed me while standing up and heading towards the bathroom.  "Okay."  I replied to him.  I waited for the bathroom door to close and walked over to the restaurant part of the building to sit beside the mysterious stranger.  "You know that person don't you?"  I asked him in an interrogative tone.  "Maybe;  what's it to you?"  He asked obnoxiously.

"Well he doesn't really know what happened to him last night;  and I believe you should tell me or-"  I tried to finish my threat, but his cocky smile and voice stopped me.  "Or you'll what?  Punch me?  You can go to jail for that."  He replied like he's safe.  "I am willing to go to jail for him, he's worth an eternity of pain.  Now;  tell me, or you'll mouth will no longer have any teeth."  I threatened with a smile.

"Okay okay;  what do you want to know?"  He asked with his two hands raised up in defence.  "What happened last night;  the guy that went into the bathroom can't remember anything;  and if you took his virginity without his consent, I will take your life;  without your consent."  I barked at him.  "Woah!  We didn't have sex;  I wanted to with him but he said he loved this person called Sam or Samuella or something like that;  so trust me I didn't take anything of his.  Oh except his wallet."  He said sheepishly while handing it to me and rushing out of the room.


Good boy Nathan C:



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