Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Nathan's P.O.V.

I pushed myself up out of the water and inhaled a sharp breath of air. I moved my leg closer towards me and pulled myself into a ball like shape. Samuel retreated his hand back to his chest and furrowed his eyebrows in confusement. "Sorry- I thought that's what you wanted." He explained while looking down into the water.

"As I said; we're just bathing together. Nothing sexual involved." I replied to a disappointed looking Samuel. "Well what else are we supposed to do? There's not a lot of freedom in this bathtub." Samuel explained while waving his hands around the rim of the bathtub to signal the tight space.

"Well actually this bath is quite wide. And I was kind of thinking that we could perhaps... talk maybe." I queried. He processed my words and nodded slightly. "Well you said that we don't really know each other; and I guess that's kind of true so... what do you want to know?" He asked. My eyes widened as I never thought a bath would lead to talking.

"Middle name."

"Gareth." He replied. I giggled slightly and looked down into the clear water. "Yeah I know, it's a bit of a... sensible name but I got it from my mother's aunty so yeah... What is your favourite colour?" He asked while I processed his question. "Green with a tinge of blue." I replied methodically.

We tossed questions back and forth for around an hour, and a tight bond formed in the small time we spent in the bathtub.


"The water's getting cold. Can you run some more hot water." Samuel suggested. I turned my hips slightly and reached out towards the hot water tap. The handle turned easily under my hand and the hot water started flowing out swiftly. The water filled up the tub and returned the stolen warmth that the cool air took.

"Thanks." Samuel said while tilting his head back onto the rim of the bath. His chest moved up and down as he bathed in the warmth of the bath. His pectorals moved with each breath and his nipples hardened.

I moved my leg purposely and rubbed it slightly against his leg. His eyes flickered open but he kept his head tilted back. I moved my leg and brushed it against his leg more obviously yet he let his head in the same position.

I moved my leg more strategically and fondled his testicles with my feet. He groaned slightly and lifted his head up with an angry face. "Stop. Only start something if you want to finish it." Samuel commanded in an authoritive tone. I retreated my foot back causing Samuel to sigh dramatically. "You can't play with my emotions because it's not a game." Samuel stated angrily. The confidence that decorated my aura completely dissapeared.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I apologized and dipped down into the bath. "It's fine." Samuel said in a deflated tone. He pushed himself off the bottom of the bath and started to climb out. His cheeks wobbled as he stepped over the edge of the bath and steadied himself. My breathing quickened as his two master pieces drew attention to my eyes.

'Am I going to finish it.' I thought silently to myself as he started drying himself off. 'Am I going to finish it?' I contemplated silently to myself once again. I sealed my decision and started reaching out my hand to caress one of his cheeks. My fingers hovered over his solid muscle before forcing itself down. Samuel's back stiffened and he turned to face me with a grim look on his face. "Nathan. Don't start something you can-" I stopped him mid sentence with a hush. "I'll finish it. I promise it." I whispered quietly towards him.

I moved my lips towards his god-carved cheeks and kissed one of them. The slight hairs on them tickled my lips and caused a light tingling feeling. I laughed slightly while Samuel's breathing quickened. "Nathan stop. The bathroom really isn't the most appropriate place to do this." Samuel reminded me. I nodded and started getting out of the bath.

I let the bath out and the slurping sound filled the whole room. I dropped the plug into the sink beside the bathtub. Samuel finished drying himself and started to walk towards the door. "Come out when you're ready." He instructed while opening the door and closing it behind him.

The door shut and the exciting feeling left with it. The butterflies of excitement trans morphing into butterflies of nervousness. I rubbed the soft white towel over my body and let it soak the stray water droplets attached to my skin.

I folded the towel over the towel rail and made my way towards the door. I placed my hand on the handle and slowly twisted it slightly; it gave way under my force and opened.


I really don't know if they're going to do the frickity frack; and if they do I don't think I'm going to write about it :/



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