Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It wasn't long after Nathan told me that the hospital staff found us. Nathan didn't know what to do so I pressured him into calling my mum. She was here in the blink of an eye.

The police came not long after she arrived as she called them on her way to the hospital. There was an investigation that was undertaken to assess what happened to Nathan.

Unfortunately they couldn't charge Nathan's foster father as the court date needs to be finalized and they need to charge him, so to my delight Catherine suggested Nathan should come with us. And he did.

I told yous I would get him back ;)


It was a short drive from the hospital and we were quickly driving down the long driveway towards my home. The place I've called home for 16 years.

We walked through the front door and the house looked exactly as it did as I left. I'm happy the hospital discharged me early as I was looking forward to spend time with Nathan.

"Welcome home." My mother said in a cherry tone as she helped Nathan with his bags. Unfortunately I had to carry myself in with only my crutches as my support.

I entered the lounge and watched Nathan's figure slowly retreat upstairs. "Oh hey honey; need help with anything?" My mother asked as she walked past me and went into the kitchen. "Nah." I replied as I made my way to my room. The tiredness from the day caught up to me and I could feel my eyelids closing.


Nathan's P.O.V.

I slowly trudged up the stairs and made my way towards the bedroom. My bedroom.

I pushed the door open with what little energy I had and looked at my empty room. My room looked completely the same as it was before.

I dragged my bags towards the bed and placed them at the bottom. I bellyflopped onto the bed and felt the tiredness of my day catch up to me.

I turned myself on my back and crawled towards the top of the bed and placed myself under the blankets. It was only seconds before I drifted from hell.


Nathan's P.O.V. in his dreams

"You're useless!" My foster father exclaimed as he pressed his face up against mine.

"No one will ever love you; I mean look at you, you're hideous!" He screamed at me. Each word a dagger to my heart, my self-esteem weakened by his verbal abuse.

"You're the reason your aunty's dead." He said with a mischievous grin on his face, his posture signalling how strong he thinks he is. "I bet ya she commited suicide when the gunman gave her the gun." That was it.

I pushed myself off the ground and started running towards him, his pot belly providing his only protection.

I forced my fist at his belly and felt it rebound right back. His laughter confirming that I had done little damage.

I watched his arm come towards my face and put my hands up in defence. The skin-to-skin contact instantly piercing my pores. I felt a stinging feeling run through my arm and collapsed down towards the floor.

"Nathan." I heard a voice call to me. I looked around but only saw my foster father sputtering about how useless I am.

"Nathan!" The familiar voice said once again. I looked around in panic and confusion set in when I still didn't see anyone.

I felt an invisible force shaking at my arm and heard the invisible voice again.


"Nathan dear what's wrong?" I awoke and saw Catherine kneeling beside my bed.

Worry in her eyes. "I heard you screaming and and... got worried." I let my heart rate slow down and smiled to reassure Catherine. "I'm fine; just a nightmare." I replied, the worry still evident in Catherine's eyes.

"Are you sure?" She asked in an unconvinced tone, her eyes like lie detectors but I nodded anyway. She still didn't seem convinced but let it pass.

"Well if you're ready to come down, dinners ready." Catherine said. She started getting up and walked out the door, smiling at me before she left.


I walked downstairs and saw Samuel sitting at the table, eating what seems like noodles.

"What's that?" I asked Samuel, his head flicking up at the sound of my voice. "Chopsui." He replied as he twirled some around his fork and placed it in his mouth.

I walked over to the pot and ladeled some chopsui out. The smell tingling my senses and teasing my tastebuds. I sat down at the table and Samuel avoided my eye contact. "Hows your leg?" I asked.

"Sore." He replied coldly. I stopped talking and went upstairs to my bedroom.

Why isn't he talking to me?


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